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Steffi's POV

"I can't believe I'm doing this right now.", I shook my head while putting on my running shoes. Yes, heard right, running shoes.

"I can't believe you're doing this.", Carter stated and waited at the front door.

"I can't believe you guys are doing it.", Milly added, who sat on the stairs, watching us, eating a popsicle.

"Let's go, before I change my mind."

Carter chuckled and walked ahead.

"Bye, and don't forget my Chai Latte.", Milly waved Carter a goodbye and soon she closed the door.

"Are you sure you want to go running with me?", he asked after we walked for a few minutes.

"Yes I am. The american food is loaded with calories and I don't wanna end up a blown up version of myself at my mom's wedding." Or when i see Harry again. Well, if I see him again, that is.

"You know, Sex burns a lot of calories and is easier than running down and up the hills of Los Angeles.", he winked.

"I don't see anyone who could give me fun that's sex, so running is the only option I have." Ouch, Carter you've been burned.

"Ouch, that did hurt. No seriously, I'm still wondering how you can't resist that british popstar but me. You're missing out, not me."

"Because you're my brother and totally in love with no one else but yourself and pretty convinced that you're a bomb in bed."

"You can't say the opposite, because you don't know how I am in bed."

"Carter, I won't have sex with you. Why won't you find yourself another girl that you can bang?"

"I could if I wanted to, but I thought it's more convenient with you, since you're living in the same house just a few doors away from my room.

"Won't happen, so forget about that." I shook my head, I couldn't believe he was that horny. But for me there was only Harry right now and the way it looked at the moment, I wouldn't have sex for a while maybe wouldn't have until I would be old and grey haired. Or never again. Ieks.

"Seriously, I don't get you."

"What's there not to get?"

"You don't even know when or if you're going to see him again."

"So what? I still prefer a run down the hills instead of bed adventures with you. Sorry, but that's how it is. I don't think..-"

"Got it, Boyband boy or nothing. Don't worry I'm not mad, it's just... too bad, you're a good piece of..-"

"I dare you to finish that sentence.", I pointed with my finger, warning him, because I had no intention to hear what he was going to say.

"You're a good piece of... cake.", he grinned and started running. I rolled my eyes, he was so cheeky and I don't think he feels any embarrassment when asking me stuff like that. And he was right, the longer I was spending time with him, the easier it was to give proper comebacks and not be too impressed with his words. I know that they were to 90% only banter material anyway. Maybe not the sex part, but everything else definitely was.

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