Chapter 9

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TEEP 8:45 SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Rythian wasn't at school today. He pulled out his phone to text Rythian.

'Where are you?'

'In my room' Rythian replied quickly.

'Why?' Tee was confused.


'Come to school, I know your not sick.'

'Your right I'm not, but I'm also NOT coming out of my room.' Rythian was being stubborn.

'I'll talk, um text, you later.' Tee needed to know why Rythian locked himself in his room.

'Whatever...' Rythian texted.

Tee silently sighed. He knew Rythian was very stubborn. He would be near impossible to get out of his room. But there was one person who Tee knew could get him out easily. That person, was Zoey.

ZOEY 8:50 SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Zoey noticed Rythian wasn't at school today. Why do you care about him, he obviously doesn't care about you. Why did part of her keep saying that? Maybe it was true. Maybe their friendship was all just a lie. Maybe they were destined for someone else. But Tee's words, um hand motions, we're stuck in her head. He said I like LIKE Rythian. Was it true? If I did I wouldn't be so mad at him. Maybe I would. Is that how relationships worked? She remembered Hannah and Lewis argued sometimes. Rythian is trying to apologize. Maybe I should listen to him... She may have over reacted. It was true she was kinda crazy and she wasn't really sure if anyone else would take her. But coming from Rythian it hurt. But she would have to talk to Rythian sooner or later. I'll talk to him after school. But where was he? Zoey honestly didn't know where he was. Maybe I should ask Tee. I bet he would know.

Tee was sitting on the other side of the room. He was taking notes in his notebook. I have to get his attention. How? She had an idea. Zoey chucked a pencil at Tee. It hit him on the head. Tee looked up with a glare on his face. Zoey nodded her head at him. His glare quickly went away. He did small hand motions to her.

'I bet your wondering where Rythian is.' He signaled.

Zoey was surprised he knew her question. She nodded slightly.

'He is at home.' Tee signaled.

'Obviously, why?' Zoey signaled back.

'He locked himself in his room and won't come out.'

'Why?' Zoey was slightly surprised he locked himself in his room.

'I don't know' Tee had a confused look on his face.

Why would he lock himself in his room? Zoey had no idea why he would. She would have to get him out though. He couldn't live his life locked in. She would go to his house immediately after school.

KIM 12:30 SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Kim was at lunch. She was going to sit with one of her friends, Duncan. He was all ready at their normal table.

"Hey Dunacan!" Kim said nicely.

"Hi Kim!"

"How are you-" Kim was cut off by a text, "Sorry hold on."

It was from... Rythian? She didn't even know the guy. Why was he texting her?

' Hey Kim'

'Hi? Why are you texting me?'

' Look I know I don't know you, but do you wanna go to the dance next week with me? I know it's a strange question but I promised a good friend I would ask you.'

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