chapter 2

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Monday arrives so soon after friday. The moring is nice and windy and the clouds are hiding the sun creating weird shapes on the floor. I'm walking around school since is early morning and not many people have arrived yet. I like it, I enjoy it very much. The emptiness of the school makes me want to scream, and here my scream echo down the hall way into the empty campus.Knowing that no one will hear me just like if I scream during school no one will hear me, since all of them will choose to ignore it.

Today feels like will be a long as day.I've walked into the boys restrooms and I've notice my dark circles under my eyes. Not very attractive if I do say so myself. My hair is very long now and I think I should cut it just a little bit, since is now below my eyes and it hides them. I wet my hands and then splash water on my face so I can wake up a little. I couldnt sleep last night since I kept thinking about that strange man.I keep seen his face , his defined jaw line and bright brown eyes and specialy that mischivious smile of his. I let out a sigh and turn to walk out the restroom but stop since Malcom is standing right infront of me. Malcom hates my guts ever since I caught him staring at me in the locker rooms. Lets just say a part of his body got to excited and well he didnt like that I was the cause of it. I mean can you blame the guy, I didnt bother to look at him or anything since I didnt want to deal with him today. I guess he did want me too look at him since he pulled my arm shoving me into the wall.

" why were you looking at me like that ?" his gotten very close to my face that his nose is just about to touch mine. We are the same hight so I'm not intimidated by him at all.

"I didnt even notice it was you." I shove him off me walking tores the door.

"faggot." He whispers just as I almost went out the door.

I dont bother with him, like I said I didnt have time to deal with him today.

There was still time to waste so guess who I went to visit , Yes my sexy history teacher Mr.Torres .

He was in his classroom sitting at his desk looking at his computer with his dick in his hand, he was masterbating. I smile creeped to my face.

"holy shit Luke ! " he pulled up his pants.

"you should really lock your door if you're doing things like that in school . unless you want to get caught then good job torres". I've shut the door, and im not at his side.

"luke what makes you think i wanted to get caught?". His breathing is fast and its getting me hot.

"well maybe you wanted some help?". I glace at his computer looking at what he was getting off on.

I blush when I notice that is me on the monitor.

" well look at that its me on your computer screen" i let out a chuckle.

" could you be anymore perverted Mr.Torres?". his face is now pink and his eyes full of lust.

I'm enjoying myself teasing him. I've sat down now at his desk and I notice a lot of tishue paper on the floor. His been going at it for a while.

"want to fuck me ?". I say so blunt and straight to the point.

His got me hard and ready to go , like i said im alwyas horny for dick.

"Fuck luke dont say such things like that out loud someone might hear you". Im already bend over the desk with my bare ass sticking out. He lubes up his dick and starts to rub it aroud my asshole.

I let out a soft moan. His now teasing me and I'm enjoying every second of it. He then just shoves it in eager to start. He pushes in fast and ruft making me grunt in pleasure. I grab my dick and move my hand to his speed. I feel like I'm going to explode from the pleasure.

"Luke I'm coming oh shit your so tight ". He cums inside me. Im not even close to finsh. He takes it out and cleans him self. I grab his hand and put it on my dick so he cant pleasure me until I come but he doesnt. He walks away and cleans up around his desk. Im left confuse and horny ass-Fuck. This was a first, i dont even finish i just put my pants on again im angry now . He doesnt say anything while i stare at him .

" what the fuck you ass hole , why didnt you help me finish , shit i let you fuck me "

"luke thats not my problem deal with it alone." I feel used and disgusted now. I hate him , he looks at me and then turns his back on me and gets up from his desk and walks to the door.

He holds it open and looks at me.

"what ?"

"get out luke ". he says it like if im an idiot for not knowing that he wanted me to leave.

"fuck you mr.torres." I storm off the class room.

His such a prick. I leave his class room ashame of myself and angry as hell.

I go back to the restroom and Malcom is still in there except his eyes are red and it smells weird in the restrooms. He looks at my crotch and notices my boner. He walks up to me and i spect a punch so i shut my eyes close but instead i reacive a soft yet hungry kiss. I open my eyes to see if this is true. i shove him off me.

" what the fuck dude!". People cant be making me their toys. He doesnt say anything instead he looks at my lips.

" Luke just let me kiss you , im so fucking horny for you , and i know you noticed me staring at you, luke you fucking turn me on everyday while we change, dont you ever wonder why im late to p.e class that because im in the restroom jerking off to you." I see tears forming in his eyes.

Im shocked but not really surprise by it. I didnt think he was gay but hey i wont fight it , malcom isnt ugly at all and i am horny as fuck. Now im left with the decision to either take advantage of this or leave.

I walk to him and i grab his crotch and i notice his hard, a gaint smirk forms on my lips. I push him into a bathroom stall. I pin him to the wall and start sucking on his neck, he starts to grunt and his breathing increases. His hand grabs my dick and im shocked by it that i gasp. I turn him around and pull down his jeans, I stick my dick up his ass and he moans really loud.

" luke it hurt "

"just enjoy it"

I fuck him and play with his dick, he finally starts to enjoy him self so i just start fucking him faster and now im enjoying myself. I finally cum and he does also. We're both breathing and panthing very heavely. I kiss him one last time and i walk out of the stall.

That boy is going to be sore tomorrow. I chuckle to myself, the bell finally rings and i walk to class.

Lucky me , i have a new fuck buddy now. I walk into class with a smile on my face. I feel infinite now , I guess my morning didnt suck so much after all.

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