Chapter Eight: Moving Out

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Jim's POV:

"Have you got everything?" I asked Tan who was trying to juggle two boxes and calm down Lydia.
"I think so, you?" She asked back.
"Here, let me take some of the boxes."
"Thanks Bobs." she kissed my cheek.
"I'm gonna miss you guys!" Zoe came over and hugged us both. Lydia began bawling again.
"Rowan!" She screeched. A few minutes later, Rowan came waddling out of the kitchen holding a piece of paper.
"Lydia!" He handed it to her and gave her a little kiss.
"That was adorable!" Louise cooed. Lydia sat there with a cheeky grin on her face obviously pleased with herself.
"Lets get going then." Jim smiled. "I'll miss you! Come and visit us soon!" We went round and hugged everyone. As we closed their front door behind us I saw Tan begin to cry. It was weird, as if we were going back to square one. It was too late to turn back now though, the moving van was already loading in several of our boxes. "You ready?" I asked her, using my free hand to grab hold of hers.
"I'm ready."

Tanya's POV:

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