I Have To Think About It

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Genesis (POV)

jason: now have to ask you a question....
will you come back?....to the house?

Genesis: I don't know...I mean

I stopped and looked down at my stomach

Genesis: I have to think about it...I mean Im safe here where I am..and going back could put me and the baby in danger

Jason: I understand...but please do think about going back

jason: and someome wants to see you

Genesis: who is it?

Jason: someome how wants to thank you

who could it be?

Jason: ill bring them back....but don't go anywhere....it will only be 30mins

he gave me a kiss and walked towards the door

Genesis: jas wait!

Jason: what? you okay...what wrong

Genesis: I'm fine it just here the key to the apartment

Jason: why are you giving it to me?

Genesis: just in case...I dont know I might be in the shower

Jason: oh ok bye love...bye sweetheart

he said kissing my stomach

* after the shower*

I got out of the shower and went to change into something comfortable

I grabbed some

black sweats, a v neck shirt (blue) and some dark blue uggs

its been about an hour since jason left

he should be coming any minute now

I got heavy eyes, I grabbed a warm blanket and went to the couch and fell asleep

Jason (POV)

god I'm so happy

after I left

I went home and told them specially ashlynn my sister

I have no idea what she wants to tell genesis

but I want it to be a surprise that genesis is pregnant

fredo: lets goooooooooo

chaz: hold the fuck on jez fredo she's not leaving

Jason: alright lets go.....follow me

it been around an hour since I left

we have about 5 minutes left until we get there

once we got here we all ran up to the third floor

I knocked on the door but she didn't answer

so I got the key the she gave me

I unlocked it

I looked in the living room, but she wasn't there, I looked in the kitchen, she wasn't there, either, the bathroom was empty....she must be in the the bedroom

I opend the door there she was alseep

I closed the door and went to back to them

Jason: hey guys she asleep

I said barely above a whisper

jason: ashlynn you go and wake her up an talk to her first

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