Chapter Six

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don't read if you cant handle more serious stuff, as in attempted suicide or alcohol and stuff like that. other than that here you go, two chapters in one day.

Percy glared at the two figures in front of him. Why are they here? Better yet, why was he here? Poseidon raised an eyebrow at him at that, as if he was surprised. “Percy, do you really not know why you are here?” he asked his son, who looked at him with growing hatred. His only son hated him. Percy snorted in a way that suggested he had said ‘no shit, dick’ when he hadn’t said that. Poseidon sighed at that, knowing his son’s temper matched his mothers. “Percy, you and me both know that you like Nico, hell you’re beginning to love him a-” he stopped talking after the icy glare he was receiving from the boy. Oh he could of continued, hell he would of continued. But the glare held so much anger, so much hatred so much pain that it stopped him. Percy turned around and opened the window and sat on the window ledge, his feet dangling off the edge.

“no, I don’t need you to tell me why im here.” He said quietly. Posiedon frowned, confused. He didn’t talk because he had a feeling Percy needed to let it off his chest. “I know exactly why im here. Yes, I’m gay. Sorry Callie, I did love you though; just not hat way, yes I like Nico, hell I’d say I love him but I won’t say that. Because I don’t do love. Oh sure, I pretend I do. But I don’t. I never will, never again.

  Yes, father, I did love once. And if you actually checked up on me other than the times you and all the other stupid gods and goddesses, minus Artemis, needed something, then you would of seen that. It was the calm before the first storm, otherwise known as Kronus’ battle. Luke hadn’t agreed to host Kronus’ body then, and he came to see me, not letting anyone know. Oh we knew that we could of told someone, maybe Will Solstice from the Apollo cabin, he is cool. Luke introduced me to someone named Ross, Son of Dionysus; unclaimed. It wasn’t love at first sight. Actually at first sight, I wanted nothing more than to get riptide and rip his ego from him. But we started talking, if not just to keep Luke calm. I was trying to show him that he could come back to camp and that it would be calm, just like me and Ross was. After a while Ross came on his own, explaining that Luke was beginning to get ill from rejecting Kronos’ body. And me and him bonded even more from our mutual worry over him. He had took us both in and had showed us what to do, he had become the father figure to me before you. Actually it wasn’t you, since you only call on me when you want something.

  We bonded over that. After we had seen past the annoying parts of each other, we realised we were actually really similar. We like the same music, we like most of the same food, we both loved running and swimming. We could argue as friends for hours on end, not bothering to stop even if Luke came in. we once had a four hour long argument whether swimming or sitting in a field of grapes were better. That was quite amusing actually. He begged me to try sitting in a field, just being calm. I replied as usual with ‘how the hell am I supposed to be calm? I’m a demigod you idiot’ making him laugh and say ‘trust me’ so like the idiot I am, I did” Poseidon looked over to the door, hearing it creek. He saw Nico, Eros and Hades standing there. Eros had a look of pain and sadness on his face, which worried him.

“He was right, naturally. He nearly always was. It was fun. We did.. things..” Poseidon saw the blush on his face as he said that and smirked slightly, knowing what things they did. Hades had a similar reaction, as did Eros. Nico however was glaring at the floor. “and we didn’t stop until sun down when mom rang my monster free phone Hermes gave me. She told me that they was this giant dog in the kitchen and I automatically knew that it was Mrs. O Leary, she did that when Ross was with me. She liked seeing him. So I told Ross, laughing and we laughed at how she always knew when we were together. We got up to go and made it to the exit of the field when Ross stopped me, pulling out his sword and standing protectively in front of me” Percy broke off, and you could hear the pain ringing in his voice as clear as day.

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