the unsinkable ship of the titanic

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One day it was the entering the ship called titanic I was so excited it is supposed to be the unsinkable ship and it's really beautiful inside. I'm so excited to go to New York but the bad thing is that I have had bad dreams that the ship will sink and it's really scary I hope not.

I'm now entering the ship I could already feel the fresh air hitting me and feeling my hair blow in my face I know that it's going to be a good journey to New York when we got in I had to leave my puppy behind because we were not aloud to put them on board so it was really sad but my dad kept care of it. We had to find the room when we got to it it was soooo nice because there was flowers on the desk it was amazing. I saw my boy fierend come on board I didn't know he was coming to New York. I had to get ready for dinner I had this beautiful dress to ware and I was really wanting to see my boyfierend called joe.

It was dinner time I saw joe and sat next to him his table is number 20 and my number is 21 it was so cool and his room number is right next to my room. The food was so delicious i couldn't wait for tommorow nights. When we had to go back to are room we were texting each other all night we have the weirdest conversation in the whole world. And we had a laugh.

Day 2.

The next day I woke up really suddenly because I had that nightmare again I'm getting really stressed. I had to go to breakfast it was really early but it was amazing. We got told that it will take 2 more days till we arrive in New York. After breakfast I went to the front of the ship to see the beautiful view. Suddenly I got a pat on the back by someone it was joe we had a conversation and my dream came up in it and it sounded like joe was getting the same nightmare. I went back up stairs to my room and played on my iPod and listened to some music and messages joe.

Later on I went to his room and spoke to him about something very private.... It was about me asking him to marry him he said.... Yes there was a very long pause and got on with the day. When it was dinner again I went through to joes room and walked down to dinner we sat next to eachother and had beef for tea it was amazing again I love this ship and wished I would stay with it for ever. When tea was finnished we went to bed.

Day 3.

I woke up and thought how the ship would sink if it did but couldn't find a solution but we had a similar day as yesterday. When we went for dinner we heard the engine stop and heard someone shout get to the top of the ship NOW so me and joe ran up to the surface and saw a massive piece of ice heading to us and it hit I fell and hit my head off the wood. I woke up and saw watter come closer to me the ship was sinking just like my dream all this happened now I get it I didn't want this to happen all I could do is get on a boat and get away from the ship joe was helping me to get to one.

9 minuets later we got told there was no more boats we could only swim to a boat but we would die anyway round I couldn't believe it. I can't let us die we only ment 6 days ago at school and now we die together me and joe wouldn't be able to get married so we could just kiss so we did. The boat was tipping we were going into the sea and drowning at the same time we held hands when we die. And we went down to the grownd of the bottom of the sea and I took my last breath............ Dead

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