Chapter 1

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(Harry's POV)

"Guys, it's time for you to be sent off to help the rest of the universe." Simon smiled in excitement.

We were all excited to be assigned a planet to protect. I mean we are a complete hit on our home planet that is why they want us to help the rest of the universe. Many supers have been sent off to help and I am grateful for us to be chosen as well.

Simon pulled out a file titled Earth and handed each of us one. When I opened it up I found a picture of what the planet looked like and some information on it.

"This planet is the third planet from the Sun. It formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within its first billion years. The individuals that inhabit this planet are called Humans. They are like us except they are a little less intelligent and have no powers what so ever. Over 70% percent of Earth's surface is covered with water, with the remainder consisting of continents and islands which together have many lakes and other sources of water that contribute to the hydrosphere. You four will be sent to the continent North America and live in the state they call Florida. You will protect and defend it with everything you got, got me?"

"Yes sir." Zayn, Liam, Niall and me chorused in.

"Excellent, now these Humans have a specific way they live so you four will have to learn their ways as much as you can, but trust me it won't be to hard to get a hang of."

I scanned over the information one last time before putting the file ontop of Simon's desk with the others.

"Thank you sir we are all set for departure." I said with a small smile.

He shook our hands and wished us all luck before we left to aboard our ship.

Destination Earth.


(Louis's POV)

"Got it Louis?"

I rolled my eyes at the idiotic fool standing before me. Of course I got it I'm not an idiot like him.


"Good and do you remember what you need to do when you get there?"

Ok now this assholes is really starting to get on my last fucking nerve.

"Cause destuction, enslave the human race and take over the planet, I am not a god damn idiot Jonathon." I hissed.

He cowered away and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"Fine then your ship is ready for your departure."

I stood up and began to leave but not without leaving a death shadow behind for little Jonathon. His screams echoed down the hall mking me smirk. I love causing people pain and misery.

I boarded my ship and set the calculation for Earth.

Continent:North America


As my ship took off I just sat back and smirked. Earth better watch out cause they have some trouble coming their way.


(Nichole's POV)

"NICHOLE HURRY UP AN TAKE OUT THOSE ORDERS PRONTO!" My asshole of a boss Joe screamed at me. I sighed and took out the last orders of the night.

When the couple finished their meal I quickly cleaned up and took the tip they left for me. Which is a pretty bid tip I might add.

See I work at this stupid café so I could buy a car. I just graduated from school and I really don't know what I want to do now.

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