Chapter 7

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The next morning Nathan was the first to get up. He softly unwrapped himself out of Amira's arms but that didn't work out.

"Hey where are you going? she said with a sleepy voice

"To meet the guys at the diner" he said putting his sneakers on

"Okay I'll be there later" she said getting back under the covers

Nath ran over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Aw thanks baby" she said while under the covers. She got up and gave him a kiss on the lips

"See you later babe" he said finally walking out the door. As he was walking out the door he ran into Amira's mother Charlene

"Hello" he waved

"It is so nice to meet you! you seem like the perfect gentleman" she said giving him a tight hug

"Thank you" he said getting out of the hug

"I got to meet my friends" he said walking out of the door

"See you soon"

Amira's house was in another area of the city so he had to catch the bus. Luckily for him the bus stop was around the corner from her house

Nath finally got to the diner. The guys and Beatrice and a few customers were there for the mid-morning rush. Carina was sitting on Tom's lap

"Look who's here!" Max said getting up to hug him tightly.

"Max be careful I'm still a little sore"

"Oh yeah! how did your night with Amira go? he said as they were sitting down at their table

"It was amazing! she took care of me and she confessed her feelings for me and now we are official"

The news was greeted with cheers

"I spent the night with her"

"I told you! Max whispered in Jay's ear.

Later on the guys were having lunch

"So I heard about the last mission" Beatrice said

"Yeah, it ruined my birthday" Nathan said with a sad face

"Aww Nath don't be sad" Beatrice said giving him a pat on the back

A couple of minutes later Amira walked in the door

"Hey guys!" she waved to them "Hey babe!" she said giving Nathan a kiss on the cheek. That came with "awws" from the guys"

"It is so weird seeing you without the girls even though Cari is here" Siva said

"Yeah I know, Georgia,Nina and Alli did not feel like coming"

Amira sat next to Nath "See babe I told you I'll be coming" she putting his arm around him

"I can't take the cuteness" Max sais to Jay

"I know it's amazing to see our little brother in love. Very soon there will be another couple in our group"

"What" Max said with big eyes

"Me and Georgia are slowly becoming more than friends. We went to the park yesterday and had a little unofficial date. We got alot more in common then I thought we had. When we look into each others eyes and interact it's like we have a connection"

"Whoa. First Tom and Cari,Nath and Amira and now you and Georgia"

"It's crazy. The girls are basically the female versions of us and the fact that they are guardians makes it even better"


"Amira is that you? Beatrice said from the back

"Yes it's me"

Beatrice gave her a hug

"How's everything"

"Great" she said with a smile

"I heard about what happened in Meridien on Nath's birthday.


"I just want to say how proud I am of you for sticking up for him when he couldn't fight and taking care of him. That is what guardians do. They fight when one is down and take care of each other when needed"

"Thank you" she said with a glowing smile "That whole entire situation made me realize how much I care for him

"I love that you said that. Do you want to stay until closing?

"No thank you. I got to babysit my little brother"

She turned to kiss Nathan on the cheek and whispered "I'll bring you back to my house tomorrow so you can meet him. He will love you"

"Bye ya'll" she said running out

"I did not know she had a brother" he said with a shocked face "Can't wait to see how that will turn out"

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