"Love, it is so far away. Oh what can I say about love? Oh oh oh a-oh," I sang as I drew a picture. I was sitting on the window seat of my new apartment. It was actually pretty simple checking off the things on my to-do-list. I simply called the number of the ad and everything went smoothly from there.

"And I'll find, I'll find, my way home. I'll find, I'll find my way home," I sang again. I looked out the window and saw my newly bought black Volkswagen. That was easy to get too. Although it gets lonely here sometimes. Which makes me miss Mitch and Jason even more. I miss my boyfriend and my bestfriend.

Beep! My phone went off. I looked at my phone and someone texted me with the number 835-201-4556. Who could this be? I checked the message and it read;

Hey it's Chris. I was wondering if you could meet me at the coffee shop again? I just want to talk.

It was a nice thing to ask me but out of all the people I know, Chris asks?

Me: Now?

Chris: Yeah if you can.

Me: Um sure. Ill go.

I added him to my contact list and I headed out with my new car. As you can tell, I'm proud of this car.

I saw him as I parked to the sidewalk. He waved to me as he parked in front of me. I just sat in my seat, crossing my fingers, hoping for the best.

"Jessica," Chris remarked.

"Chris," I called back as he held the door open for me. We both walked inside the shop and sat down.

"So what do you want to talk about?" I asked.

"Ty and you," he replied. Ty and me. This should be interesting. "How'd you meet Team Crafted?"

"Long story."

"I have time." I smiled and started explaining. How I met Jason and how that led up till now.

"You're dating Mitch?" Chris asked surprised.

"Uhh yeah..." I replied. He took a deep breath and sighed.

"Jess... after all the months I've heard about you from Ty..." There was a long silence. I was afraid what'll he say next. "I admit it. I liked you. I know we only met in person but still." My eyes widened and I was speechless.

"B-But, I have a boyfriend," I hesitantly stated. He leaned back in his seat.

"I know. I'm sorry. I needed to get that off my chest." I held my head up with my hand and I sighed. I can't deal with Chris now.

"It's okay. I understand. But we're friends. Just friends..." I softened my voice at that last part. I couldn't tell how Chris was feeling. It was either sad and worked-out, or mad and depressed. I heard a beep and Chris took out his phone.

"I gotta go. Thanks for meeting me here," He thanked.

"No problem." I sighed. To admit it, I did like him when I first talked to him. I walked out with him to our cars.

"Oh um... do you want to go with me to pick up Ty at the airport?" Chris asked before he left. Ty's here? Ty's here!

"Sure I'll drop my car at my apartment first." I got into my car and dropped it off, with Chris following me. Then I got into his car and we drove to the airport.


I finally landed in Florida after a whole 2 day ride. It wasn't so bad. Chris, my cousin, met me at the airport.

"Yo Ty! Wassup?!" He called. I could see a girl behind him, Jessica?

"Chris! And Jessica?" I asked. She revealed herself from behind Chris.

"Yeah... that's me!" She called. I took Jason's gift out of my bag and gave it to her. "What's this?"

"Jason's gift. He told me to give it to you." She accepted it and we headed to Chris's car.

"Jessica! Hi!" We heard a feminine voice across the room. I looked over and saw a pretty girl walking over to Jess. She had long dark brown hair with her bangs covering one eye. She looked a lot like me.

"Tyana?" Jessica asked.

"No it's your mom," Tyana joked. Jess laughed. "Who are these people?"

"That's Ty and Chris," Jessica introduced us to each other. "This is Tyana, my friend." Tyana smiled and thats when it hit me. Tyana was now perfect for me.

"I people ask you this a lot but, can I have your autograph?" Tyana asked shyly. I laughed.

"Sure." I took out a piece of paper and wrote my name with my phone number. Then I gave it to her. She looked at it with a cheeky smile.

"Thanks," She thanked me. "See ya guys," Tyana soon went back and the rest of us went to Chris's car. Riiinng! My phone went off. I took my phone out and answered the call.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey it's Tyana, I got your number," the person on the other line answered.


I packed my bags and grabbed my phone. Jerome and Jason were watching me pack. I was planning to go to Florida for the weekend. Mostly to see Jess, it would be a nice gesture. Jason got up and started packing too.

"You're going too?" I asked him.

"Yeah. I want to see Jess too. Besides, I need a vacation," Jason replied. I looked at Jerome, still sitting down.

"You coming biggums?" I asked Jerome. He shrugged.

"Why not homie?" He also got ready and packed. Yup, I'm coming to you Jess.

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