Chapter 2

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"No, no, and no! This is absurd, this is wrong in all levels! How could you possibly think I'd do that?" Maybe I'm over reacting at the whole problem, but, I mean, c'mon isn't this just a little insane? Having to act like a boy, which is in fact your twin brother, for at least a month or so. Its beyond crazy.

"In fact he's just doing it for the money, he always is."

"Not this time." Mr. Ramirez said.

"What do you-" "He wants to find your parents." Mr. Grey said. Yeah, I learned his name.

"How is he planning to do that?" I'm actually curious because I don't know neither of my parents, they abandon us, but locals say it was for a good cause and that they where good people though they never mentioned they're names as if it was a huge secret and against the law or something.

"Well by being in a well known boy band it would help, they would notice you most likely. Also look for you, if you ask me." Mr. Grey said. He's not helping, he's just making them sound like gold diggers, and that's the last thing I wanna think of them. As a little girl I'd imagined they died trying to protect us from some evil person, dark magic, so I'd imagine them as my heroes and not what other kids said.

I took a deep breath, canalizing the idea clearly. Maybe my brother was up too something, and who am I to ruin that dream of his?

"Okay, I'll do it. But this is a one month thing. Got it?"

"Done." Mr. Grey smiled. "Ramirez here will give you a contract accepting what you've decided, after you sign you can't drop out."

"Okay, um, one problem though."

"Yes dear?" Mr. Ramirez asked.

"What about my breast?" I asked almost whispering.

"What breast?" Mr. Grey smirked.

My mouth dropped open in a shape of an 'O'

He laugh and continued "I'm kidding sweet heart, get a sense of humor, we'll deal with that." And he walked away.

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