welcome to the bluff

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"Ha that was like a lullaby in the hood." Sasha told the detectives. "Now start from the beginning we want to be certain your story matches up." Said the detective named Ryan. "Okay." Sasha inhales deeply.

"I woke up this morning with a bad feeling but it was my 16th birthday so I immediately brushed the feeling. I smelled some bacon so I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Yawning as I walked downstairs I scatched the crust from my eyes. walked around the corner and there I saw him." "Who?" Detective Ryan interupted. "My dad." "Okay Continue." My eyes got wide because I couldn't believe that he was really there. The last time I seen him was eight years ago. I had mixed emotions since the last time I saw him he was going to jail." "For?" D. Ryan interrupted again. "I was getting to that part." Sasha replied beginning an attitude.  "Oh okay". He went to jail for beating my mom. I didnt want him there yet she always let him back in our lives. I sat at the table and my mom asked how many pieces of bacon I would want. I stared at my dad and replied 4. I didnt want him their because I could barely understand him. He is italian. Me and my mom are black I dont claim him. My mom walked over to the table and there was a very uncomfortable and awkward silence. she put my plate on the table. He grabed her arm. She and I jumped in fear. Yet she sat on his lap. I took a sip of orange juice to hide my fear. My dad stared at me and said me and your mom are getting back together. My heart dropped. a panic arose in me. I walked out the house and started walkong to my bus stop. My mom said I could tay home today but I decided to go to school.

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