Chapter 8

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(Emma POV)

I was at school and i saw Carter and Diana talking, I text her looked like she liked him OMG my bestfriend in love!! YAY Brent gave her a thumbs up and she looked away. Brent looked at me i looked back he told me i was beauitful i couldent hold it in and i blushed first time i blushed at him i looked behind me and it was this blondie, i could tell she was a cheerleader and the leader. She came over to me and Brent, she kissed Brent on the cheek 

"Hey baby" blondie

"What? im not yoiur baby! we talked about this when i was walking! You need to listen more! Go away" Brent 

Pointed some where and she left when Brent looked away i looked at her, she made a face at me that she was gonna kill me. I was kinda scared i told Brent that she made a face at me 

"Aw baby just ignore her she is just trying to make you scared at lest we have classes together , so i have be with you and Nash to."

i dident care about Nash but if Brent wasent their then ya i would be with Nash then i got a text 

Unknown:Stay away from Brent or else

i knew it was that Blondie 

Me: You dont even know him so why should i.

My mom told me to stand up when , i was little when i was bullyed. So every school i went to i got bullyed , i was not scared at all but i feel like this blondie girl is going to do worse.... I saw that blondie girl she looked at me mad because she thought i would be scared of her, but i was not 

(Matt POV)

I was hanging with the guys until i saw that blondie girl like 2 days ago from lunch?, she kissed Brents cheek i was going to do something until brent said things. I was watching them then the girl would not do it again, I saw Emma got a text, she looked like she was kinda scared but not i can tell by her face. I tell all the guys and diana but we dident tell her , she might be mad if we did sometimes she wants to do thing by her self. But i mosty told Nash she gos to all the same classes as him so, I went to brent 

"dude what happened" i asked

"that blondie girl kissed my cheek" Brent pointing at her       that girl smiled and made a face at Emma, Emma was looking at her the faced looked like she was gonna kill Emma 

"Emma dont look at her" i said     all of the guys came and Diana

"ok...." Emma said

"Emma just ignore her" Diana said

"But shes watching me, my everymove" Emma said

Emma showed us the text she got by an unknown

"Who is that?..." i asked makeing a sad face

"That blondie girl" Emma said 

We went into school we where all late for a little so we dident get in trouble.

(Diana POV)

I was talking to Carter at the bench until Matthew told me about Emma, I saw Matt go over to them and i notice Matt has been talking about her alot to Taylor i think i dident look when we where at nash house but i think they where talking about Emma and Brent 

But anyways , i Went over to Brent and Emma with all the guys 

Emma kept on looking that the blondie i told her to just ignore her but keeps on looking at her, i need to talk to her after school or at lunch we went into school we dient get in trouble we where just kinda late i want to my classes when i was going to lunch i looked at Emma she was walking alone. I was running up to her until she got pulled to the side by someone, i looked in it their was no one their

"DIANA DIANA" i look behind me it was Brent he was running up to me worried

"WHERES EMMA!" he said

" IDK I WAS RUNNING UP TO HER SHE WAS WALKING ALONE AND I SAW HER GET PULLED IN HERE!" i started to get scared what happened to my bestfriend.....

Their was a door i tryed to open it but it was locked 

"WE NEED TO TELL SOMEONE! ABOUT THIS!" i was about to cry 

i went on my knees and put my hands on my face i was crying to badly, i felt someone hugging me.

"Dont worrie diana, dont worrie" Brent said 

I looked up trying to smile at him but could not all of the guys  came from lunch and ran to us 

"WHAT HAPPENED!" Matt said

i told him everything i saw that taylor about to cry and the others to. 

" Im scared about Emma" i said whispring to my self

"Dont worrie Diana we will find her i promise" Brent said

he dident cry but he face was all red, trying to not cry. All of the others cryed to not careing what others thought about, i got up and looked in the window of the door. It was dark but i saw a light switch so if we go in their we dont need to worrie about the dark. We all went to the lunch room all of us was all down sad faces where sad, the girl(fans) tryed to cheer them up by siting by them but they said to go to their table. We go out of the lunch room and we saw Emma

"EMMA!! OMFG I MISSED YOU" i went crying running up to her 

"DIANA i missed you! plz walk with me again when we go to lunch plz and you guys to...." Emma said

Brent want up Emma huged her and kissed her, Nash , Emma , and Brent went to class and i with my guys and the others went to . We got out of school i was so happy until i saw Emma geting pushed by that blondie and Emma was pushing back 

"OH YOU SHOUKD NOT HAVE DONE THAT! EMMA ANDERSON!"  That blondie girl said she punched her, Emma punched her harder makeing her knock out  i woukld get it that Emma punched harder she is strong 

All of the guys and i was not their eyes widen spurised  i smiled at her she smiled back, 

"Never mess around with her...." i say to the guys 

they nodd their heads saying i will not mess with her but not Brent 

"GURLLLLLL im her boyfriend i can mess around with her if you know what i mean GURLLLL!" in his girl failed voise

we all laughed and went to Emmas house all of the guys mouth droped when they saw her house it was big 3 floors but not me and brent.

(Emma POV)

i got pulled in to a dark room by someone but i dident no we talked until the lunch bell ringed to get to class i got out of the room is saw Diana i was so happy!, i was about to cry and i went to class with Nash and Brent. nothing really happened in their,i got out of school and i ran outside when Brent and Nash was talking, i Bumped in to the blondie.

"Ugh watch where you are going Emma!"blondie

"Um can i ask whats your name?"

"Lisa! now gwt away or else!"

"You all ways say that bla bla bla or else! you know that right?"

she pushed me into the wall and punched me i saw Diana and the guys watching i knew she was going to punch me again i got mad and just punched us really hard. I hear DIana say to not mess with me until Brent said

"GURLLLLLL im her botfriend i can mess around with her if you knew what i mean GURLLLL" in his failed girl voise,

i loved his girl voise on vine made me laugh so hard i wanted to go so i would not get in trouble we took Dianas car went to my house when we got inside the guys but not Brent and Diana their mouth drop i laughed a little, 


"Um my mom and my brother and dog" i smile at Matt

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