Canceled Plans.

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(Brianna's P.O.V)

We got to the dining hall and saw Nash and Carter pigging out so we ran up to them and took there food.They got up and just got somemore food.

"Hey i'm going upstairs to take a shower I will be back"I said.

"Me too "Jade said giving Nash a hug.

We went to the elavator and pushed the button to go to our floor.  Once we got to the room Jade rummaged through her clothes to fing a cute outfit. I got a text from Carter saying him and Nash left and that he had to cancel on the beach. My eyes got a little watery because I was looking forward to it.

"Jade we aren't going to the beach anymore they canceled" I said grabbing my phone out of my pocket.

"What why that is so stupid"Jade said confused.

I texted Ricky right away.

R=Ricky B=Brianna

B: Hey can we come over early please Ricky?

R: Of course love!

B:Okay thanks bae

I texted Aveena and tokd her where we were at.

20 minutes later

Aveena and Breanna came in and had drinks and clothes ready for tonight.

"Zayummmm you sure are ready huh Breanna"I said laughing.

"Hells yeah im gonna get turnt " she said twerking. We all got our bikinis, clothes and drinks and headed out for the 6 hour drive to LA.

Sorry its so short ill update later :*

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