First kiss

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It all started on August 14 th ( my birthday) I was at the mall with my friends and there he was! Those brown eyes. oh how much I loved his eyes.

"Oh hey Carrie" says mike with a smile

"Oh hi" I say nervously

" Hey isn't it your birthday?" says mike

" Yeah it is" I say with a smile

"We'll text me here's my number" mike says. he hands me a piece of paper.

When I got home I started to text him. I said first,

Me: hey is this mike? it's Carrie

Mike: oh hey! happy birthday I got a surprise for you.

Me: ok!

Mike: ill pick you up in a hour ok?

Me: ok :)

I got up to get ready. I put on a tank that had a British flag that showed my belly. I put on black skinny jeans and put on my black sandals. I went in to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I curled my hair and put a black bow behind my head and just did mascara and light lipstick. I heard the doorbell ring and I sprinted to the door. I opened it and noticed he had flowers. I smiled and said

"aww thank you mike!"

"No problem birthday girl!" says mike. he handed me the flowers and we walked to his car. and when I saw the car I was so shocked. it was a blue mustang!

"So can you tell me where were going?" I say.

" Where going some where dark" he says.

"Ok?" I say

" Here put this on" he hands me a bandana and I put it over my eyes.

We drove for a few more minutes. then he stopes and said wait here. so I waited and waited. it almost felt like a hour. then I here my door open the he pulls me out. he said "ok take off the blind fold" so I did and I couldn't believe what I saw!

"OH my god!" I say.

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