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"Gregorovitch?" A strong unfamiliar deep voice shouted loudly.
"Yes?"Greg shouted,
"You are under arrest for crimes against humanity, you are to come with me to stand trial, with the Order." A huge brute of a man told him as he came out of the branches.
"Hell no. I'm not going to the Order! I'm going goodbye!" Gregorovitch shouted, while turning his rogues around, then he fled.
"I'm sorry this happened." The brute apologised. Then ran off following the rogues trail.

"I suppose we better get Harlan." I sighed.
"Yes I suppose so." The boys sighed,
"Okay, Jace I want you boys to be on the look out all over the territory from now on and more frequent shifts and more people. Greg is going to try to get back here we should be ready when he and his fellow rogues do eventually decide to come." I directed,
"Yes Alpha." He and the rest if the fighters saluted,
"Alex I want you training everyone, we need to get ready." I told Alexei,
"Come on let's get my mate." I sighed.

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