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Equanimity is a hard thing to achieve
When the darkness of
Your soul is
Eating at you,
When you want to remain in
A dormiveglia,
When your querencia
Is gone,
When all you can do
Is induratize yourself.
Equanimity is a hard thing to achieve
When all is lost.

What you might not understand
Is that I don't like it like this.
I want to summon my orenda,
I want to change.
But I have consumed myself:
Does this mean I am
Doubled in size?
I don't know.

But I do know
What clinomania is.
It is something I have
It's a great example of
And nemesism...
A great example of what
I don't want to be.

Just how I don't want to be
a noceur, but I am.
Not because I stay up
To revel and party
But because
I think.
Thoughts flood
My head like
Tears flow from
My eyes
And blood slowly exits
My circulatory system
But sometimes,
Once in a blue moon,
They're happy,
But I still weep
Because those are
beautiful, unrealistic, and idealistic.
But a nice break from
My sciamachy

I have eleutheromania
From this darkness.
No one knows how
Much this hurts.
I need metanoia.
I need to change this state
Of mind.
I need to change
Directions before I come across
The fork in the road, before
Life has the chance to split into
Death, and I choose...

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