Chapter 23

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Kaylie's Pov

After we finished on the death trap we went for something to eat.We went to Nandos and we had to get two deprecate tables and wait ages for them because it was packed inside.The boys got recognised and they happily took photos and talked to the growing group of girls.Jacob being his usually self flirted with anything with a pulse..Girl or boy.He just has that kind if personality and he doesn't even realise it.

It is actually crazy how big the boys have gotten.They can't walk down the street without getting noticed and you can see that it is taking a toll on them all.Don't get me wrong they love their fans and are happy to meet them but they never prepared or expected themselves that would get this big.At the end if the day they are mostly still teenagers and they should be able to do things without being judged or without the whole world knowing.

After them taking photos and me and girls waiting in the background our table was nearly ready.The fans were upset when the boys asked them to leave in the nicest way possible but they were still happy that they got to meet their idols.Some even got slipped some phone numbers.I rolled my eyes when I saw then...They are such players.I looked over to Amy who had a sad look on her face.

"What's wrong boo?" I asked while putting my arm over her shoulder.

"I don't know why but I just get upset seeing Jack with the girls like he just blocked me out and acts like I'm not there."

"Awww Amy is in love" I cooed while grabbing her cheeks.She glared at me.

"Besides he wasn't blocking you out he was looking over when you were daydreaming and he also just threw out a load of numbers that got handed to him" I added with a wink.

She smiled at me and walked to where Jack and Jacob were standing talking.When he noticed her he smiled and pulled her beside him and put his ark around her waist.I looked for Rachel who was in a similar position as Amy but with Shawn.To say I'm jealous is an understatement . All I want is to have that with Nash but nope.Nash can be the most sweetest and caring person ever but it seems that he only cares about me when there isn't other girls around.

Ughh stupid overthinking.I think that comes with being a girl though ? I honestly don't know if he likes me or not...Wehh.The girl waiter came over and signalled us to our tables and she recognized the boys almost straight away so she decided to do the only thing that she could think of to get their attention.Yep she decided to act like a 5 dollar hooker and guess who she had her sights mainly on ? Yep it was Nash.Oh please.

I stayed quiet and in the background not wanting to draw attention to myself.Seriously why do I keep getting jealous ? I'm not with him !!

I wanna be though.

I looked up after my little daydream to see everyone looking at me.How awkward.

"Umm yeah ?" I asked.

"What table do you want to sit at?" Gilinsky asked.

"I don't mind." I said while trying to advert my eyes from them all staring at me

"You should probably sit at table 6 there would be more room then." the 5 dollar hooker said with a fake smile plastered on her face.Why is it that when a boy is involved girls get so bitchy ? If there wasn't boys around she would probably be a decent person ?..

Once we sat down everyone realized why she didn't want me sitting at the other table.She wouldn't have to serve me and also I would be away from Nash.I should be kinda happy though because it obviously means that she sees me as a threat haha.I looked over to the other ravel to see Taft they all thought the same.Matt and I just laughed at how pathetic the girl was being.

Our waiter came over and I smiled when I saw the way he walked.I have a really good gaydar and I'm pretty sure he is gay.

I came to the conclusion that he definitely is by the way he was looking at the boys and when he saw that I caught him he went a little red.OHMYGOD.I inwardly fangirled because I just really want a gay best friend,especially a cute and innocent one like him aww !

He took all of our orders and he came over to me.

"What can I get you sweets ?" he asked with a wink.I told him my order and he stayed a bit talking to us before he went to give our orders to the kitchen.

"Looks like Nashy blue eyes is jealous" Taylor said in a girly voice.We all looked over and laughed which made Nash get paranoid and a scowl was then planted onto his forehead.I bet that he isn't actually jealous because why would he be ?...But maybe he is ?... I don't even know anymore.

We chatted while waiting on our food and the other table got their food before us.The girl stayed longer than necessary when given Nash his food.Okay if Nash does actually like me they I know how he feels because I wanted to hurt her ugh.

Our waiter who's name was Josh came back out and we were all joking about and whatever.After we were done eating he came back and took our plates.Nash called me over and i sat on his lap because there was nowhere else.

"I know why yous were laughing" He whispered into my ear.

"Oh yeah and why was that ?" I said so innocently and acted as if I knew nothing.

"Because I was getting jealous of a gay guy.." He said while playing with my hair.Their waiter came back and gave me such a death glare.I really don't like her so why not mess with her pretty little head.

"Hmmm maybe" I said to him then pecked him and jumped off his lap going over to my table.Everyone was a bit dumbfounded and to be honest so was I.I don't know what came over me.

If looks could kill I'd be way way down under and their waiter would be doing life for murder..Ha serves her right.

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