Taylor and Matthew

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*Matthew's Point Of View*
Shelby and I are sitting here holding each other and I can't help but think about everything Taylor has put her through. He used to be her best friend and then he started dating Karly. "Shelby. Let's get you cleaned up and then were going to talk to Taylor." I stated. "I can't Matt. I'm sorry." She said as she looked at me. "I'll talk then." I responded. I picked her up and carried her to the shower. I set her down and walked to the towel cabinet. I grabbed a towel and walked back. She was already in the shower.
I walked to her room and opened her closet. I grabbed yoga pants from Pink, her "Matthew Espinosa" shirt, some ankle socks, and her red Magcon hoodie. I went to the bathroom and set her clothes on the toilet.
*After Shower*
"Let's go." I said as Shelby threw away her Pop Tart wrapper. "I don't want you to lose your best friend because of me Matt." She said. "I would rather lose him than you. You're my everything Shelby." I answered. I grabbed her keys and wrapped my hand in hers.
*Taylor's House*
I knocked on the door with Shelby standing behind me, holding my arm. Taylor opened the door and looked surprised. "Hey Taylor. Can we talk?" I said as Taylor walked outside. "About what?" He responded. I could feel my myself getting angrier. I clenched my fist and Shelby squeezed my arm tighter. "The way you treat people." I said trying to look at Taylor. "Really Matt? I was just joking with her. It didn't even matter. Karly was just playing with her." Taylor said back. "Does it look like she knew that? What's wrong with you Taylor? Oh Yeah. You started dating Karly." I answered. Taylor stopped and looked at me. I couldn't help myself. I ripped my arm away from Shelby and hit Taylor. "Matt." Shelby yelled as she backed up. Taylor got up hit me in the chest. I tackled Taylor. "Everything you put her through and you don't even care. I thought you were better than that." I said as I hit Taylor over and over. I got up and looked at Taylor. I offered for him to get up but he stayed down. I looked at him with a disgusted look. I turned around and grabbed Shelby's hand.
Right as I backed out of the driveway, Karly pulled up. She jumped out of her car and ran to Taylor. He was still laying on the ground. I put the car in drive and drove away.
*Shelby's Point Of view*
We got back to my house and we just sat there in the car. In silence. I really didn't know what to say. I didn't have words. After 3 or 4 minutes, I finally choked out, "Thank you." Matthew looked at me. "For what?" He asked. "Everything. Coming into my life and saving me. Making me a different person. Being the most amazing boy friend in the world. But Thank you for giving Me the love that no one else could." I stated as I grabbed his hands. "I love you Shelby. I would do anything for you. You're my life." He responded. I kissed his cheek and asked, "Can we go to your house?" Matthew just started the car and drove to his house.
*Shelby's Point Of View
We walked in the house and Cameron was sitting with Ashley on the couch.
We sat down and told each other everything. I can't believe Carter would do that to Ashley. She cried a little bit when I told her about harming myself. Cameron instantly hugged me and said, "I got your back! Love you little sis." Cameron and I got close really fast when we met and we have always been like brother and sister. When Matt told them about him and Taylor, Ashley laughed and Cameron high fived him. We talked for a couple of hours until we heard a sudden knock on the door.

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