Tobias's POV

Working doesn't help at all. It makes me think of the first time I saw Tris. Her small body hitting the net during training. Instead of screaming, she laughed. Laughed! I wish we didn't have so many fights. *Sigh* It's 12:00 and I have to go meet my mother.

I take the elevator down stairs. I'm really out of it today and I don't know why. Then it hits me. It's her birthday today. I feel like sitting down and crying. I just realized I never celebrated her birthday with her. We could could have eaten Dauntless cake! I get out of the elevator and walk towards Starbuck. I already see Evelyn sitting there with a latte in her hand. I enter and say "I hope I haven't kept you waiting". "Nope, I'm early". I order a cappachino and sit down. When I sit, I say "Today is Tris's birthday". "Oh, what are you going to do"? "I think I want to buy some cake and celebrate her birthday with some friends". "Alright". She looks concerned. "Are you ok"? "Yeah, I think so". Then I tell her my dream. "Sweetie, it's not your fault"! "I know". I sigh. "Besides that's not what I wanted to tell you". "What is it"? I tell her about this morning. "WHAT! I fucking can't believe it! He has a hell of a nerve to ask you that"! "I know, mom. Calm down".  There were people staring at us.  I felt my cheeks go red. "I told him no". She looks relived. Then I tell her about the bulge in his pocket. "What do you think it was"? She asks. "I'm not sure." "Tobias" She says with a stern voice. "If he comes again, just call me. I don't want you to get into any danger". "Alright". We sit a few more minuets then we both leave, me going back to work and she going to her apartment to think things over. 

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