12. Meet martin and hungergames

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I exited the room, just to find Krystal, happy as always.

"Hey Ty!" Krystal happily said, I'm pretty sure I know why she is so happy, sky came out of the room, putting his glasses on, god I hate those glasses "so, tell me guys.... how was your night? Full of magicness???"

Sky looked surprised, maybe he didn't want Krystal to know, but I can trust her with that kind of stuff, I mean, after all, she is my sister. "What are you talking about Krystal?" Sky nervously said.

"I don't know, I mean maybe, just MAYBE you both saw sparks fly at the same time yesterday" Krystal said, sky rubbed the back of his head "w-what?" Sky said trying to evade the theme, maybe he doesn't know Krystal doesn't care at all.

"Krystal knows we kissed last night" I said "and I just want to say.... ADAM AND TY SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" sky freaked out and tried to hide it "u-uh w-what? H-how" I found sky comportment hilarious, and started laughing, Krystal started to laugh with me.

"what is so funny!?" Krystal just exploded laughing,I calmed down to explain "you know Krystal won't judge us right?" Sky looked at me with a 'oooh' Face and I just started laughing again

"Yeah, don't worry about it Adam, I will support you both, AT LEAST YOU HURT MY BRO'S FEELINGS" sky blushed and looked at me "hurt him? Never" I stopped laughing and smiled at him, giving him a small, quick peck in the cheek.

"Such cuties :3" Krystal said "welp, I'm hungry, what do we have for breakfast?" Krystal said, oh! Breakfast!! I haven't eaten anything in like two days, surprisingly, I wasn't hungry...... UNTILL NOW!! "Oh, I want breakfast! Let's go down!!" I said sprinting to the kitchen

I was running so wast I almost fell the stairs, "woah!" I said, hopefully, I grabbed the stair fence (just imagine that is a thing, forgot the actual name) "hey Ty, calm down, it's not like you haven't eat in like two days or something...." Sky said helping me to get up

"oh, well he actual...." "KRYSTAL, SHUSH" I interrupted her before she finished, god, if I'm not around she could accidentally tell sky of us being hybrids.

"....I was going to say..... That he actually always ate like a pig when we lived together" she is a good liar, I'll give her that. "Awe, you got me" I said trying to hide the truth.

We arrived to the kitchen and I quickly opened the fridge looking for food "Ty, why are you so hungry?" Sky asked "no idea, puberty?" I joked, so we could Change the theme of the conversation.

I took a entire box of cereal, *insert delicious cereal here*, and started eating, Krystal and sky just ate a pop tart "OH MYY, THIS THING IS LIKE HEAVEN" Krystal said, biting the pop tart "what, the pop tart?" Sky asked "YES, THE POOP TURD!!"

Sky an i dropped to the floor from laughter "no, krys, pop tart, POP TART" sky said, still recovering from all the laughter "oh.... Yeh, that stuff, ITS DELICIOUS!!"

After we finished eating was around 11:00AM, and we were all in the living room, just talking about random stuff.

"Ty, I forgot to tell you, Mitch and Jerome will be here more or less at 3" i looked at sky, surprised, why were they coming here "hunger games, remember?" Oh, that's right, today is the second Sunday of a month that ends with 'o' (if you get that reference, you are awesome), we always play hunger games in the second Sunday of a month that ends with 'o' .

"Oh, ok" I said "can I go? I want to play!! What are we going to play?" Krystal said, she didn't really know what hunger games were, well, how could she? "Hunger games" I said, Krystal looked at me confused "a game where you are I a big arena and you need to kill everyone else, last one standing wins"

"So..... You are playing a game of death......" "OH NO, not IRL krys!, it's an artificial arena, so you don't really 'die', if they kill you, you just appear outside the arena.

"Oh, ok" Krystal said.

~that time skip doe

I heard the bell rang "DA BACCA IS IN DA HOUSE" was heard from outside, they were definitely Mitch and Jerome, "I'll go" sky said getting up of the coach and opening the door

"HEY BIGGUMS!!" Mitch said giving Adam a big hug..... That gave me a jealousy attack "Ooooh my brother is jeeealooous!!" Krystal said, loud enough so I was the only one hearing "....maybe a little..."

"HAI TY!!" Jerome came to me and gave me a hug as well "and... Oh! Lady alert!!!" Jerome said while looking at krys, Mitch also looked at her "err, hi?" Krystal said "since when I am a lady?" Krys said sticking out her tongue in a playful way

"My name is Krystal, I am Ty's sister" Krystal said. "I am Mitch, this is Jerome" Mitch said pointing at Jerome.

"So it's only going to be us 5 playing?" I asked "nah g, Martin will go also" "oh, ok" Martin was a friend we met not so long ago, he comes from Bulgaria (he is bodil40 if no one can spot him) and is one of the most annoying trolls ever, but he is a good friend, without mentioning his laugh.

"We are going to meet him outside the arena, are you ready to go?" Jerome asked "fuck yea" i answered.

We all entered to the car, Jerome and Mitch in the front of the car, me, krys, and sky in the back. "So, Krystal this is going to be your first hunger games?" Mitch asked Krystal "YES!!"

"Oh well, good luck, even though Jerome and I will kick your butt" "woah woah woah, is it going to be 2v2v2?" I asked" "yeah buddy, you and sky, me and Mitch, and Krystal and bodil"

I was surprised, since a long time we don't play by teams, why right now? Meh, maybe Mitch and Jerome wanted to go behind a tree together and make out. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mitch and Jerome like each other.

"So that means it's skylox vs merome vs ....bodtal?" Krystal said, the merome name was creative, I'll give her that, but, bodtal? Really? "What about krysdil?" I said "that's the good stuff" she answered.

~time skipz!!!


This is going to be AWESOOME, Mitch, Jerome, Adam and Ty are about to appear, and I prepared a little TNT minecart surprise for them, when they are about to go off the car, the minecarts will explode in their faces HA awesome!!!

Unfortunately, the minecarts just work inside the arena. That means they will just hear the sound..... But something is something, right??

The car was getting closer 'epic epic epic epic' I thought to myself, the car stopped, and Mitch got out of the drivers seat, "oh, hey mart...." "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, BOOOOOOOM" the minecart sound was heard, Mitch jumped and screamed "aaaaaah!!" Jerome and the others were screaming inside of the car, except for a strange shadow inside of the car, he was laughing so loud the sound was heard from outside the car, eh, I like that guy

I was rolling on the floor from laughter, that was epic!!! "BODIL, WHAT THE HECK!?" Mitch screamed "uhmm, April fools? HAHAHAHA" "it's not even April!!!!!!" Jerome shouted, now everyone was out of the car, the strange shadow too.

Wait..... The strange shadow is a girl?!

"HAHAHA THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" She said, the girl had a dark blue shirt and pants, with brown hair ,well, guy or girl, she still Is awesome.

they all started walking towards me, "hey, not funny dude" sky said "YES IT WAS HAHAHA" me and the girl said at the same time, her laugh was like mine!!! But, more like a girly version of my laugh.

"Hey! Your laugh is just like mine!" She said "I know!!" I said, trying to not sound so Bulgarian, I really don't like my accent. "My name is Krystal by the way" "I'm bodil40, also known as bodil, Martin or troll, whatever you prefer"

"I'll stick with Martin" she said, still laughing from my prank "well, it's great that you two get well with each other, because it's going to be a 2v2v2, and, bodil, you are going to team up with krys" Mitch said. I was going to be with Krystal!! YES!!!

"Hell yeah!! ready to win?" She said while looking at me "no doubt, YES!!!" I said.

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