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Ciel's p.o.v.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, gently awaking me from my deep slumber. I yawned and looked over, seeing Sebastian. Was it all just a dream? Ah.. it was.. "Master?" I heard a light voice come from my side. Raising my eyebrows in acknowledgment, Sebastian went on to tell me what I was going to have to drink, and I hummed lightly, already liking the thought of warm Fleur de Thé. I smiled lightly at the smell of it and I sipped at it lightly. It had a soft, sweet taste to it, and I loved it.
"Master, you were asleep for quite some time. I was thinking that you weren't going to wake for the day." I looked at him and raised my eyebrow in confusion. "How long was I asleep for, Sebastian?" He closed his eyes as though he were thinking, and opened them once again. "About three or four hours, I suppose." I nodded and rubbed my temple, running my fingers though my hair. "Sebastian, prepare me a bath." He bowed down and went to the restroom that was attached to the room. Hearing him prepare me a bath, I closed my eyes in thought. Why did I have that dream? It's obviously illegal for a man and another man to be together, and it's wrong, too. And, he's my lowly butler, a demon! What's wrong with me?
I sighed and opened my eyes once more when I heard Sebastian come out out the bathroom. "Master, it's ready." I got up off the bed and strolled to the bathroom, standing in the middle of it so he can rid me of my clothing. I felt his long, slender fingers working at the buttons on my shirt, slowly sliding them down to take off the article of cloth. He proceeded to take off my trousers and undergarments, and I felt my face heat up when he'd look at my naked body. I am a teenage boy, and sometimes it can be embarrassing to have a grown man stare at you whilst you're naked.
Feeling him lead me into the tub, I sighed and relaxed at the warm water that was caressing at my thirteen year old body. I slowly sat down and rolled my shoulders, feeling a calm feeling cascade over me. I could feel Sebastian pouring the water over me, and I gladly let him work his fingers into my sore muscles. Feeling his gaze on me, I looked up at him. "Yes?" He lightly shook his head and continued rubbing at my body.

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