Just great

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{Jason's POV}I got assigned with a girl I don't even know she looked at me then after class every girl came to me except my partner she was walking out of class then I grabbed her wrist "umm hi"she said,man she's beautiful "hi I'm Jason what's your name"I said "I'm Maricruz" Maricruz said "that's a beautiful name"I said she blushed "thanks"she said then a girl came to me then she glared at Maricruz "Jason your girlfriend needs you"the girl said "ok"I said then I turned to say bye to Maricruz but she wasn't there then I saw my girlfriend "Hey Jay"Diane said "Hey babe"I said as I kissed her

{Maricruz's POV}I saw Jason kissing a girl I went to my second period class* after class*I was going to my locker then the cheerleaders came to me one of them looked at me "are you Jason's partner" the girl with brown hair and hazel eyes said "yes"I said "look don't even bother him and you can't have him,he's mine"she said then she pushed me and I fell on the floor they laughed I just got my stuff and went outside

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