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Luke stood there in silence, looking down at the floor and biting his lip, holding Ashton's hand tightly. "Who did that to you?" Michael asked. Still nothing. There was silence before Calum spoke. "Did you do that? Luke was that you?" Calum asked Luke slowly looked up and Michael and Calum and shrugged his shoulders.

"Ashton do you know about this?" Michael seriously asked, Ashton looked at Luke and bit his lip. "Please if you guys know something, you need to tell us" Calum begged. Luke opened his mouth to talk, but then closed it again. "Listen Luke, we won't be mad, just please say, did someone do that to you? Or did you do that yourself?" Michael asked again, hoping to get something out of Luke.

"I did it" Luke quietly mumbled. All the boys' eyes widened in shock, Luke just talked, he opened his mouth and talked words came out of his mouth, he finally spoke. " talked" Ashton stuttered. Luke lightly smiled and looked at the floor again. "Why? Why'd you do that to yourself?" Calum asked.

Luke said nothing, he just looked back down and the floor and shrugged, playing with a loses string on his jumper. "Please Luke, we are your mates, we want to know why you hurt yourself, please tell us" Michael begged, siting by Luke, which made Luke walk back a bit.

"You can tell us we won't tell anyone" Ashton begged, grabbing hold of Luke's hand. Luke bit his lip, and slowly looked up. "It,,,my dad made me do it" Luke mumbled, holding onto Ashton's hand tightly. "Why? what has he done to you?" Calum asked. Luke said nothing.

"He's been abusing you hasn't he? He's been abusing you,that's why you always wearing those thick jumpers isn't it" Michael asked. He didn't get a verbal answer out of Luke, but Luke slowly nodded his head. "I swear I'm gonna kill him" calum shouted, making Luke flinch.

"No your not, no ones gonna do nothing, we are all going to protect Luke, and keep him safe" Ashton explained. "Yes, and we can't tell anyone so we have to keep it a secret" Michael said. "Ashton tell them what you told me, they need to know about your dad to" Luke whispered. "No Luke, no I can't" Ashton replied.

"Yes you can, I told so you have to say, no ones gonna say, please ash for me" Luke begged, his bright blue eyes, shining into Ashton's eyes. "Ok fine, but only for you" Ashton replied. Calum and Michael stood there in confusion at what was going on. "Can someone please tell us what's happening? What does Ashton need to say?" Michael asked in confusion.

"My dad...h...he...he tells me how much of a mistake I am, and how much he hates me, he blames me for my mums and siblings death" Ashton mumbled, tears slowly falling down his face. Michael and Calum stood there in horror, they bullied Ashton, when his own dad did. They made Ashton feel so much worse about himself.

"Oh ash, we are so, so sorry I...we didn't know. And if we did we'd of never have been mean to you" Calum explained. Ashton weakly smiled, but said nothing. There was silence before Michael spoke.

"What we are going to do is help you guys, you and Luke are both broken, inside and out, and we are gonna make you guys feel so much better about yourselfs we will stop you guys from cutting, and we are gonna make you better" Michael explained

and thats a promise, Ashton and Luke were going to get better, and they were going to get help, and soon their lives would be so much better, they'd never think of cutting or anything like that ever again.

Day by day they'd get better

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