29 Days Before

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Last night was just perfection. I want to live like that forever and ever and not to have a care in the world. Not a care like Jack leaving in 29 days. We only found out a few months ago that he was leaving to go to college in New York which is pretty far away from Nashville. Yep. It's not like I can go see him every day. I wish I could just put it to the back of my brain and not think about it all. That could be good. But I can't. It's always on my mind and it's so frustrating. Why can't I just think of other stuff. Like shopping or Tim McGraw or writing a new song for my album. Shit. 

I completely forgot. I was supposed to write another song today and go to show my record label. Oh no. Maybe I could take in our song or mary's song. I don't think I've took them yet. I think I have to go later anyway. But first I think I wanna go talk to Jack to see if he wants to come to the fair in school later. The school puts on a fair every year in the summer for us to go to. It's really goood there, I've went every year since we moved here. We moved here when I was thirteen to work on my music and try to get a career and at the minute I am working on my album, only a few more songs then it will be done. 

Everyone in school thinks it's so cool that I am going to be releasing my music. Every time I want to put a song on it I go to sing it to Abigail first. Abigail is best friend. She has bright red hair. I say red, it's ginger. Ginger and curly. The curl's she has are the same as mine too, which is cool too. She's so supportive about everything, with my music, school, Jack. She says that she'll be here for me when he leaves and we can go out and get any boy we want too. Ha. Lol. She does make me laugh. 

*4 hours later* - The School Fair 

"Hello Taylor", says Abigail. 

"Well, hello there", we then hugged. 

"So you alright"

"Yeah, I'm fine". 

"How did yesterday go?", she asked me. 

"It was perfect, we danced to Tim McGraw, the moon was like a spotlight, it was peaceful and I didn't have a care in the world just for a moment". I answered.

"Aw, lucky you. Anyway I have something to tell you!". 

"Is this about a boy Abigail?". 

"Hmm, well. You know Brian?". 

"Brian Daniels?". 

"Yeah. He asked me out on a date today". 

"OMG", we both screamed and shared a wonderful moment.

I wonder where Jack is. 

"Taylor", there he is. 

"Jack, I was wondering about you". 

"Come on". 

"What where are we going?". 

"The first go on the rollercoaster is about to start". 

"Oh, Abigail come on". 

The roller coaster was mint. Jack's friend Michael saved a place for us right in the front so we didn't have to wait in the line. Which was cool.  Me and Abigail sat in the middle and Jack sat my me and Michael sat by Abigail. 

After that we just laughed all night really, it was great. Another marvelous night. These are the things I'm going to miss most about Jack leaving, the memories, the nights, everything. 

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