Dylan dauzat imagines

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It's your one year anniversary of dating Dylan and you've made scrap book of all the moments you've had together. And you bought him an xbox 1.
Dylan says he has planned something special and not to eat dinner.

He also says he will pick you up at 8.

It's 6:30 and our sitting on the couch watching tv when you notice the time. You sprint upstairs to the bathroom and get a shower.
After, you get changed into a white long sleeved crop top and a teal train skirt.
Dylan doesn't like a lot of makeup so you only put on mascara and a little eyeliner.
For your hair, you wavy it and put a flower head band in.

8:00 arrives and Dylan is right on time. You slip in shoes and leave. You didn't bring a coat because it was pretty warm out.
Dylan drives for about 15 minutes and he pulls into a drive way of someone's house. Confused, you get out and follow Dylan.
This house was beautiful!!! It's everything you pictured in a house! whoever lives in this house must be lucky.
You follow Dylan inside and the smell of spaghetti hits you immediately.
Dylan takes your hand and guide you into an empty room. Except there's a table and two chairs set up as a candle lit dinner.
Dylan walks you over to a chair and pulls it out letting you sit.
After a beautifully prepared dinner. Dylan takes you on a guide through the house. each room is equally beautiful. Once you get to the master sweet your in awe. There's an ensuit with a shower and a bath. And there's a huge walk in closet. The room is huge! but the real question is. Why is Dylan showing you this house?
After you ask Dylan, he looks at you and says
"Y/n this is our house. I bought it for us. I want to move in with you. Do you want to move in with me?" He asks
"OF COURSE!" You scream and hear echos through the house causing you and Dylan to laugh.

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