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The wind whipped my hair into my face, stinging with sharp, cold water. I could hear them- the huge beasts tearing up the ground behind me, I'm amazed I'm out-running them! Faster, faster! I screamed in my head- my bare feet prickled with pain of tooth-edged rocks biting into my soft skin.

The maw of the storm was upon me; barks shrilled in the air, and I dared a look behind me- there they were, the beasts were closer now- I could feel their hot, fiery breath burning at my heels. What exactly are they? I've seen them before, in a book possibly... Vrykolakas! Vampiric werewolves, I plunged my hands into my pockets on my cloak, looking for anything silver or holy maybe, and I found it- my silver rosary from my grandmother. I pushed on, my black hair flying about me as I ran. I'm going to die if I don't move quicker! I realized.

The black-and-silver rosary dangled from my fingertips, tangling around itself as I pushed against the wind. From my peripheral view I watched the beaded black jade slide along the wet string and the silver cross with celtic etchings flash with the crackling lightning; fascinated I started to slow, and watched the beautiful carvings come to life and dance from the surface. I regained my composure, terrified that I had lost more ground when I heard the barks closer to me than ever before, and streaked on. Salty tears mixed with the rainwater as I prepared for my death. At least I won't go down without a fight, I thought as I neared the edge of the plains.

All of a sudden, I could hear the crashing of the Northern Sea ahead of me, rumbling against the cliffs... The cliffs! I slowed down, scrabbling in the mud as I fell; wanting something, anything to save me. My rosary caught on a stick jutting from the cliff-side, and for a moment, it held my weight before the string snapped and beads flew around me as I fell. The celtic cross glimmered with a vengeance as it fell onto my chest. I was falling back-first and knew what the beasts saw; I reached up with both hands to grasp something, anything and saw the beasts stop at the edge- whimpering. I watched their bodies morph and heard the faint snap of bones and realized that they had changed. Human now, they reached for me. Why are they trying to save me? I asked myself before panicking as I tumbled through icy air.

My hair flew up around me, a black sheet protecting my head like a halo as I arched my back upwards towards safety. "No!" I heard a mans voice, one I recognized, the one I fell in love with. He was one of them? Why?! Time slowed as I continued to fall, my eyes locked with my lovers and I saw my terror and love mirrored in his beautiful, deep violet eyes. He was saying something, but the wind whistled in my ears, too harshly for me to hear. As I hit the water, my breath was pushed out of my lungs; it burned my skin like branding wire. But before I was completely submerged, I read my name on his lips; Alice. I clawed at the water- trying to swim up, I needed him, and he needed me! I could not die! My last thought as I was falling into the darkness was, am I truly in Hell now?


And I updated a bit

P.S. Vrykolakas are undead vampiric werewolves in Grecian mythology.

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