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So this is for Isabel and I hope you like (:



Isabel's POV

"HURRY!", Matt said pulling me into a elevator. He hushed me and covered my mouth pulling me into him. We were playing Hide and Seek with the boys and Jack J was it.

"What of the elevator starts to move?", I asked through his hand.

"It won't we didn't press any buttons", he said reassuring me. The elevator opened revealing Jack and he jumped up and down.

"HA I FOUND YOU GUYS! Now we are all playing truth or dare in my room so let's go!", he said signaling for us to join him and running off.

Matt grabbed my hand and I jumped on his back. He ran down the hall to Jack and Jack's room and set me down on the floor next to him. We all sat in a circle and began the game.

"Belle truth or dare?", Shawn asked and I thought for a second before answering.

"Truth", and they all groaned.

"How much do you love Matt?", he asked and I smiled automatically.

"More than there are stars in the sky", I said and he kissed my nose.

"Ok enough PDA let's continue", they said. The rest of the night was spent between Matt and I in my room kissing and cuddling.

*The End*


I hope you loved it Isabel! I know Matt loves you (;


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