Last time on BGC ATL

Amber:let go of her stupid ass.

ashley was struggling trying to get out of keisha's hands.
Amber:do something bitch.
ashley picked up a plug in lamp.
Amber:throw it bitch!!!
yn:NO PUT THE LAMP DOWN ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keisha had let go of ashley and took the lamp out of her hand.Ashley took off and tackled amber.

(acam)trina:when keisha let go of ashley.I think she did it on purpose to see what was going to happen and lord did ashley tackle amber like they were on a football field. Ashley deserves to go home for what she just did.

ashley started punching amber in the face.We all pulled them apart and ashley was took out  the room to cool off.

amber:you lame ass bitches. i want round 3 bitch.

yn:amber stop.sit down

amber:shut up bitch.

(acam)yn:we gave amber water in the limo on our to the hotel so amber is sober so she needs to stop fucking playing the drunk game and talking mad shit because im about to smack the dog shit out of her.

yn:you not even drunk. bitch.

(acam)amber:yn is right im not drunk as i was at heat. Before the fight the between me and ashley.I made an oopsie already and they gave me water which made me a little sober. so basically im buzzed.

amber:yes i am bitch.

rachel:are you or arent you drunk?

amber:omg im still drunk.You no what fuck you four hoes.trina is my only friend.

yn:look here bitch im not the one you wanna fuck with understand.

amber pushed you.yn had took amber by her neck and started punching her in the got 4 good hits in then thats when the sercurity pulled you off.amber got up and ran and pulled your ashley ran back in and pushed amber.Amber falls on the floor.


trina:yall doing to much and the most right now.


trina:you heard me.

yn:what fuck is you even talking about!!

trina:who the fuck you getting loud with you?

yn:you bitch!!

yall both started getting in each others faces.

trina:what you going to do then?!!!!!!!

yn:bitch i will whoop yo ass!!!!

trina had started taking off her jewelry and yn had started putting her hair in a bun.they was bout to get into each others face. rachel had pulled yn into the other part of the hotel room.

trina:fuck you bitch.

yn:fuck you too hoe.

all the girls went to sleep and they woke up packing to head back to Atlanta.When they were finish they went flying from miami to atlanta.they arrived back to the house.

(cam)yn:alot of shit went down florida.Im pissed that my so called friend started talking shit.i really wanna talk it out. But i will figh her if she step to me thats not a problem for me.I hope we can squash this beef  you no.anyway im not scared to leave this house.

yn,keisha and ashley room

keisha:i still cant believe that yall was about to fight.

yn:me either.

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