Chapter 9

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Walking down the stairs my hand trailed along the wall, guiding me in the dark. The gentle glow of the kitchen light shone through the crack underneath the hardwood door. Keeping the light in sight, I aimed in that direction. My feet carefully searching for the edge of each step as I tip toed, not wanting to wake anyone up.

I was currently sneaking downstairs to grab a glass of water. It was the early hours of the morning so I didn't expect anyone else to be up. However, as I neared the kitchen I heard the familiar voices of Jane and Jenny.

"So do you think they'll stay together?" Jane's voice asked. Too intrigued to walk away I slowly pressed my ear against the wall to hear better what they were saying.

"Honestly..." Jenny paused and I felt my heart drop slightly. Did Oscar's mum even think we weren't going to make it through university? Every doubt in my mind was flushed away though. "Yes." A small pulled across my lips. "I know they've been together since they were both young, and at first I thought they started going out because it was the obvious to do. But as time went on they proved me wrong, and now I am absolutely certain that Oscar loves her more than anything. I mean just look at the way he looks at her, it's as plain as day." From the tone of her voice you could tell she was smiling as she spoke.

"But don't you think it would be better for them to separate for university, and see what it's like to be single? The after university they can come back together if they still feel it's right." Jane suggested with a motherly tone. I couldn't help but frown, why did Jane want us to break up?

"In most cases I would agree." Jenny paused before continuing. "But the way he looks at Lilly, it reminds me of the way Ben looks at me." Biting my lips I hoped Jenny's words were true. I would love to have a love as strong as Jenny and Ben's. To me their relationship was something to strive towards. "I met Ben at the same age," Jenny added.

"I know, but they've never known anyone else."

"I think they're lucky. They haven't had to go through the up's and down's of failed relationships." It seemed like whatever Jane said, Jenny would combat it and stand up for Oscar and mines relationship. It made happiness bubble up inside of me that she supported our relationship so strongly.

"I think you're right to be honest. I was surprised that you were always so lenient with him and Lilly. However, after seeing the way he acted with her, it was clear that he would never hurt her. I just wanted to make sure," Jane finished.

Taking this as my cue, I stumbled sleepily into the kitchen pretending that I hadn't heard everything they had just said. "Oh hey guys," I smiled groggily as I turned to the table where they were both sitting.

"Hello dear," Jane smiled warmly. "Are you alright?"

"Yep," I said popping the p. "I just came to get some water." Padding over to the cupboard I grabbed a glass before turning back to the sink and filling it to the brim.

Getting up for her chair, Jane yawned. "We should probably head to bed too. Goodnight." Kissing Jenny on the forehead she sent a quick wave in my direction before leaving the kitchen.

As soon as Jane had left the kitchen, Jenny turned to me. "You heard what we were saying."

"Sorry," I grimaced not knowing how she could see through me.

"Don't be." Jenny always so relaxed. "Have you and Oscar talked about it?"

Sitting down in the chair opposite her I nodded me head. "We're going to try. Did you mean what you said though? That you think we will make it?" I wanted to know if there was truth behind the words she had spoken.

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