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So we wanted to start things off as a tease.


"I told you! I'm not ready to date again,stop pressuring me Danny!"

"But I know you,your my freaking best friend I know when your lying or even nervous or in any situation! I know you like a certain someone,but you won't tell me so we have to this the hard way" Danny creepily said,and came closer.

"Don't you dare-" I was cut off by him tickling me,he knew how ticklish I was! I'm going to get him back,and good.

"Just tell me please" he whispered.

"I will but why are we whispering" I whispered back.

"Because the person that loved you all along is right in front of you...too bad she doesn't feel the same"


Yeah so I know that sucked,don't laugh okay! no laugh all you want,I'm just awesome lol that just joking. I'm truly an idiot,with my friend jade. But I seriously hope that you liked this prologue even though it's completely nothing,but I must inform you! it will get better!<Harry potter voice>DOES HARRY POTTER EVEN SAY STUFF LIKE THAT?!~shara

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