ch 29

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As I watched Rachael run off, I smiled to myself.  Despite everything that has happened; im really glad I got to meet her.  Even more glad shes mine. 

I walked downstairs and got ready to go.  “Mom, ready?” I yelled.

“Yeah be down in a few, get the car started your driving.” I heard my mom faintly yell.

I chuckled, “not my fault if we crash.”

We arrived at the mall first.  I wanted to get a new pair of jeans and some new vans.  We walked into the mall and I stopped.  My senses were on overload.  I could smell hear and even feel every single person in the mall.  I heard one guy ask his girlfriend what size  bra she wore and the slapping sound of a hand connecting with a face. 

I sniffed the air and almost gagged.  The overwhelming smell of everyones perfume and cologne was sickening.  I put my shirt over my nose and tried not to throwup. 

The weirdest thing though was the energy I felt.  It was like I could almost feel the emotions of the people around me.  It was a little creepy.  My body felt like it was buzzing and I couldn’t control the way my eyes darted from person to person, almost as if I was taking a detailed description of everyone ands storing it away. 

I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Honey everything okay?” my mom asked with a worried look. 

“Yeah just a little nauseas.” 

She smiled, “probably all that food you ate.”


I took a shaky step forward and tried blocking everything out.  I let my mind relax and set up a wall around all the things I didn’t want to focus on.  I blocked out all the smells sights and emotions I was feeling a focused on going forward.  

I managed to control the walls I put up until I familiar scent hit me.  And when I say hit me it really hit me.  I nearly stumbled over, I had to grab onto the railing I was walking near. 


I whipped my head around and searched for the scent.  My eyes zeroed in on a guy standing against the wall with a slight smile on his face. 

“get away.” I whispered. 

He heard me cause he shook his head and beckoned me forward.  My mom wasn’t with me she was at a different store looking for clothes. 

I cautiously took steps toward him and tried to hold myself together.  My body was slowly getting warmer and warmer.  The raw lust I felt for him was frightening.  I couldn’t control what I was doing and it scared me.  When I was about 20 feet from him I stopped. 

My body was shaking slightly and I felt out of myself.  His scent invaded my nose and sent me in a whirlwind.  

“you know you wouldn’t have to torture yourself if you would just be with me.  I could ease some of the pent up tension.” He purred in a dark sultry voice. 

My knees nearly went weak with what he was implying and I heard myself moan softly. 

He clearly took notice with the dark look he had in his eyes and the bulge in his pants.  He licked his lips and lunged towards me pinning me against the wall.  He trailed his tongue down my neck and moaned. 

“jesus your smell is intoxicating.” he moaned against my neck.

I pulled him closer to me tangled my hands in his silky black hair. 

“please, don’t do this to me.” I said in a much to husky way. 

“why you like it.  I can make you feel good princess just let me.  give me the chance to hear you scream my name.” He snaked his hand under my shirt and teased my skin.  Every inch he touched erupted into flames and went straight to my core.  I slightly grinded against his bulge and took in a deep breath. 

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