Chapter 1: The Beginning

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   Hi my name is Jessica, Jessica Parks. I'm a 14 year old girl starting high school. I'm a freshman you could say well... kinda. I skipped a grade and that was grade 7. Everyone made fun of me. Including my own friends. I fee all alone and I just want everyone to die. Even my parents, brother, best friends. That doesn't make me emo does it? I don't cut and get piercing and stuff, so I guess I'm fine, but there's this cute boy in my math class: Chandler Riggs <3. He is the most dreamy boy in school! Even some of the grade twelve girls want to date him... yeah that's kinda disturbing. Besides he probably like Rebecca Richards, the most popular. The School lunch lady is probably more popular then me.

   Anyways Rebecca is on the cheer team better yet cheer captain. All the boys love her. It makes me sick. Chandler doesn't stare at her like all the other guys do. He probably hides it.

   Chandler has the most gorgeous crystal blue eyes in the world! I melt when I see them. His brown hair that flows perfectly and he doesn't even try. I saw him in the hallways the other day and he waved to me. Well I think, but it was probably someone behind me so I just looked the other way like nothing ever happened. We sit together in math I was like the best 40 minutes of my entire life. It was so hard not to stare at him the whole time.

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