Coming Home

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Nash's pov

" i really hope Tia is going to be ok with Cameron." I say as I sit on the couch. Taylor and Sam sit beside me.

" She is going to be fine. Stop panicing." Sam says.

" DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE DID TO HER?" I yell in Sams face. He nods.

" I don't want him to do it again"

" Im pretty sure you tought him a lesson." Taylor says chuckling.

" Should we go to the hospital, or should I call Cam?" I ask pulling my phone out.

" Just call him." Connor says. I nod. I turn my phone on and I dial Camerons number. I put my phone to my ear. I wait 3 buzzes.

" Yellow?" Cameron says.

" Is she alright?" I say with out saying hi.

" Yea she is fine. Stop worrying Nash" he says sounding so calm.

" Did you hurt her?"

" What? No! Why would I? You hurt her enough when you straightened her out when her back was in pain"

" Sorry. Do you know what is wrong with her?"

"No, not yet. The doctors are still working on her. I need you to come. She might feel better if you are here." he says.

" Ok. Be there in 5" I say hanging up. I stand up and walk to the door.

" Where you goin'?" Matt asks.

" Hospital" I close the door and run to my car. I plop in the passenger seat. I start the car and I back out of the laneway. I start to drive to the hospital. I finally got there after 5 mins of mini heart attacks. I ran out and into the hospital. I looked for Cameron.

" NASH" I hear him yell. I look to where I heard im yell. He is talking to the doctor. I sped walk towards them.

" Hello Doc" I to a mini wave.

" Hello Mr.Grier. So, as I was saying, Tia has a back problem. Her back was in an arch for to long that her spin arched with her. She will not be able to walk for acouple days. Sayyyyyyy about 5 to 6 days."

" Jesus" Cameron says.

" I will tell you guys what to do to help her. When she is going to bed, bring her to her bed gently. Set her on her side. When she is hungry, bring her to the fridge. When you are changing her, help her get her clothes on and off. When she needs to take a bath, help her."

" Ok so, Nash, I will help her get changed and bath." Cameron says smirking. I look at him. Sicko.

" No, she is my girlfriend, I will help her with everything."

" Guys, calm down. Do you want to see Tia now?" he asks.

" Yes please." I say. The doctor walks down a really long hallway. He turns to a door. He opens it and we step in. I see Tia looking out the window beside her bed. When the doctor closes the door, she looks at us. And smiles.

" Hi Nash!" she says. I smile.

" Hey babe" I walk towards her. I kneel down beside her. She look at me. Her teal eyes look into my soul. It kills me.

" I was scared until you came" she says. I place my hand on her cheek. I make circles with my thumbs.

" Im here. Don't worry." I kiss her lips.

" Im here too!" Cameron says at the end of her bed looking paraniod.

" Hey Cam" she says smiling.

" Hey beautiful" he smirks.

" Cameron, dont" I mouth the words to him. He looks at Tia.

" When am I getting out of here doc?" she asks looking at him.

" Wel, since we checked everything with your spin, you can leave today. I told the boys what to do to help you." he says.

" Thanks" she says. She looks back at me.

" I never relized how blue your eyes are" she says getting closer to me.

"  Really?" I chuckle. She nodds.

" They are really pretty."

" Yours are beautfiul. I have never seen teal eyes." I smile.

" Ok, really guys. I am here also." Cameron says. Tia sighs.

"I know Cammy." 

" Ok, im leaving. You 2 love birds can kiss all you want." He says walking out of the room slamming the door behind him. 

" Well, he seemed happy that im alright" she says.

" Yea." I say looking around the room.

" What are you looking for?"

" I don;t know. Something that starts with a T and ends with a A." I say standing up, looking around.

" Ummmm...." she says.

" WHERE IS SHE!" I yell looking under furniture.

" Nash" she says. I look around the roomm.

" I heard a voice. Of a girl. She sounds sexy. And beautiful" 

" Babbeeeeeeeeee" she crys. I turn around.

" THERE SHE IS!" I run to her. I jump above her and onto the bed. I cup her cheeks. She places her hands on my shoulders. She pulls me close to her. I lean in and kiss her lips. Whenever I kiss this girl, I feel butterflies in my stomach. I let the kiss go when we heard the door open. I jumped off her. The doctor walked in.

" She can leave now. Do you want to carry her or wheelchair?" he says.

" I can carry her. A wheel chair would not fit in my car." I say. He nods and walks out. I look at Tia.

" you dont have to baby me" she says.

" You are my baby. I shall baby you." I say scooping her up bridal style.

" I am to heavy. You should have gotten me a wheelchair" she says wrapping her arms around my neck.

" You''re not heavy." I walk out of the room. I walk down the hallway and into the lobby. I walk to the door. I press the wheelchair button to make the doors open automaticly with my butt. I walk out and into the parkinglot.

" Where is my car?" I say looking around.

" Ugh, Cameron." I say.

" Cameron took your car?" she asks.

" Yea. Can you reach on my butt pocket and pull out my phone" I ask her. She hand goes down my pants.

" MY POCKET!" I yel while laughing.

" Ooops sorry" She says reaching into my pocket. She pulls out my phone.

" Call Cameron" I tell her. She dials his number.

" Cameron, where is Nashs' car?"

" We need it. Come back here now please."

" Ok, bye" she hangs up and puts my phone back in my pocket. I walk to the benches and I set her down. We both wait for idiot Cameron to bring back my damn car.

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