The Shock

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i dropped the card and gasped "shit" i whispered under my breath, "whats the matter hun?" my aunt said not even bothering to look up from the magazine she was reading "Oh, nothing, the edge of the card was pointy and it went under my nail" what am i talking about, i bite my nails, it couldn't have gone under my nail, now shes sure to be curious i said while mentally face palming myself "okay then, be careful" she mumbled monotone, okaayyy?? she didn't notice, then i suddenly remember why i had to tell that lie,

i reached down and picked up the death weapon, otherwise known as a student card.

My eyes lit up as i stared at the card, "Shawn Mendes..." wait wait wait what...i peered up close at the card, urghhh i moaned, it said "Shawen Mendas" my heart sank...

"FUCK" i whispered "WHAT WAS THAT??" my aunt insisted, "nothing auntie" god shes annoying me "THATS WHAT I THOU-" i cut her off "You can GO now" i said stressing the go.

she huffed and started the car, she drove off about 30 feet. I still had her phone in my hand from when i called the school to tell them that we were on our way but we were going to be quite a bit early, she zoomed straight back in reverse and snatched the phone out of my hand and I tutted.

I stepped into the reception and walked up to the desk, it came up to my chin so i stepped back a little,

A lady in a tight black and red polka dot frilly blouse sat down at the desk and looked straight at me, okay, be nice and calm...

"Hel-"i began to say before she cut me off,

"Well Hello!!" she said reaching out to me and grabbing my hand shaking it madly, "you must be Eleanor!!"

wow i still haven't got used to peoples accents around here

"yeah, its Ellie by the way" i said with a nice smile on my face,

"oh my! are your from england?? Gee, thats amazing!! and Sure! ill change it on your card"she said...

it sounds like shes an ex cowgirl... anyway
"don't worry i already have..." i excused

"Oh Well aren't you Prepared!" she said tapping my shoulder "Oh My! you must think me So rude!!, Im Miss Southgate, but you can call me Penny"

"okay then Penny" i smiled and she laughed

"i hear your a straight A Student back home!! Gee we dont have many of them here, well the ones we do have aint half as pretty as you!" she smiled again, wow her teeth are straight, and so white!? stop getting distracted i tell myself

"gee thanks Penny!" i laughed,

just then i heard a faint guitar strumming in the background, i know that song... ah! got it, say something by that band... i cant remember the name, but it was over ridden by Penny,

"Oh dear! We better get you to class, whos your guardian then??" penny asked

"it says here shawn-" before i could say his surname, the interrupted,

"OHH! Shawn's lovely, hes such a gentleman and he cant stop helping and he Always does the right thing! hes also quite attractive, and the perfect height for you!" she nudged my shoulder as she took me around behind the desk around the back of reception,

"aha thanks penny, but im concentrating on studies and-" again before i could finish she said something that really got my attention,

"he has a youtube channel aswell, hes got the best voice and he plays guitar too! in fact thats him playing now, to be honest he has many fans and quite a lot of girls who want to, lets just say 'get in his pants' she laughed, "thats why he likes to spend time here, to get away"

"im also trying to get rid of my inner fangirl" i say and laugh... "but i know its just a coincident that he has kind of the same name as my hero aha..." i trail off,

i hear her say something under her breath, it sounded like,

"well shes in for a surprise"

WHAT??? no no no no no no no no no......

no surprises... what could the surprise be?? i asked myself over and over again.... it just wouldn't come to me...

"Hey, um penny?"

"yes sweetie?" she said turning around

"can i just say because you feel like a friend and im not very good at making my own..."

"dont you worry, Shawn will be all you need to start off with!" she blabbed

The name rang a bell,

"its not that, i just thought id tell you that i suffer from short term memory loss" i said looking at the floor...

"oohhh it doesnt matter! my brother had that! i know just how to handle it!"

"thanks, uh um" WHAT??? i know her name, THINK!!

"Penny, Penny Southgate" she laughed "its ok"

"sorry it gets worse when im nervous" i admitted

"theres no need to be nervous hunny!" she said placing her hand on my shoulder "comon', Lets go get you to lesson"

i agreed and stood up, we walked down a long corridor and turned a corner, the further i walked, the louder the strumming got, i began to sing along in my head

"and i-i am feeling so small"
"im still learning to love"
"but im starting to fall"
"and i-i will swallow my pride"
"your the one that i love"
"and im saying goodbye"

before i could get to the chorus, my daydreaming was interrupted buy Penny,

"your Amazing!!" i blushed "one, yes you sang that out loud and i see you don't have a problem remembering lyrics and two, theres no need to be embarrassed, your amazing at singing, i wish i was that talented, you and Shawn will get along soo well!! you could even join in on one of his videos maybe?" i interrupted her

"wait wait wait, did you say videos?"

She laughed and knocked on the door i stood infront of, before my heart could even start pounding quickly, the strumming stopped and the door clicked open,

"Hello?" i heard a familiar voice say as the door creaked open,

i whipped my head around to look at Penny,

"NO WAY??" i practically screamed as i stared at penny,

"Hello beautiful, you must be Eleano-"

"Ellie" i say turning to the voice, "its Ellie aha" i laughed and i remembered the situation i was in,

it sure was dark, and i couldn't really see the person standing at the door,
because the only light was coming from behind him, totally blacking out his face, the voice was so familiar and it all came back,

"im Shawn" he said reaching out his hand

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