Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

harry sat in the usual cafe and in the usual seat. tea on the table and journal with pen beside, ready to express.

"hey." harry didn't turn neither was he paying attention. no one talks to him. he simply had no friends. he thought they'd use him to get to his parents and he didn't want to waste time doing that.

"excuse me, sir ?"

harry then turned around. the voice was closer to his ears and that caught his attention.

he groan with irritation in his emotion.

"what", he spat. he had no intentions of making a good impression. it's not like they're were going to see each other more in time.

"i was wondering if you'd like a refill. you come here often and your usual waitress seemed busy to come over. "

the female smiled. she wasn't mad or annoyed that he didn't give off a nice conversation. she's been used to it by now and plus it was the usual rushing Monday morning.

"no thank you. can you leave? you're annoying me."

instead of leaving , she took a seat.

"oh, please take a seat, not like there's a lot of time on my hand." harry had said with sarcastic - ness in his voice.

"good because neither do i."

she looked at the mini tray that held essentials for your cafe meals. she grabbed a packet of sugar and poured it into her tea that she had given to harry, but he had denied.

"so what's your name?"

harry grinned, looking at her he knew she was very curious and bored to her pleasure.

"you're not leaving anytime soon, are you?"

He smiled. she didn't look up and continued on with her stirring.

she answered with a "nope", so harry gave in.

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