Chapter 3

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*Hayes' POV*

Today I'm going on a double date with Kailani and her sister Natalie. Nash can't wait to meet Natalie. I told him that she was about 5'1 with short red hair. Of course it wasn't natural. It was like a fiery red.

"She sounds hot" he said combing his hair

"Not as beautiful as Kailani though." I said starting to zone out thinking about her

*Your POV*

I am so excited for our double date today. Natalie is excited to finally meet Nash after I said he was hot. Maybe today ill get Hayes' number! Although I barely met him, I think I was falling for him. Hard.

I decided that it was about time to start getting ready. So I got in the shower and washed my hair and body and got out. I dried myself and blow dried my hair. I put on my white short shorts with a flowy floral tank top and put on my pink toms to match my shirt. I went into the bathroom and applied heat protectant so I could curl my hair with no damage. After that I put on my finishing accessories and a white cardigan so my cuts won't be seen.

You're probably wondering why I cut right? Well when I was about 10 I started cutting. I get bullied a lot and only have a few friends. Hayes, Nash, my sister, my mom, and my best friends Mackenzie (Kenzie for short) and Christian. Kenzie was my best friend since kindergarten and so was Christian. So you're still wondering why I cut? Also when I was ten we found out that my dad was cheating on my mom and he left her for that slut. I was such a daddy's girl. So when he walked out on us I took it really hard and started cutting. Then it became an addiction. No one and I mean NO ONE knows that I cut. And I'm not planning on anyone finding out soon or at all.


"They're here!" I yelled up the stairs so Natalie would hurry down

"Do I look presentable?" she said smiling. She was wearing a black tank top type thing that was really fancy and showed a lot of cleavage. She had on black leggings and black combat boots with her hair curled.

"Don't you think it's a bit much for a Starbucks date?" I said looking at her in a confused way

"Whatever lets go" she said rolling her eyes

*Hayes' POV*

I was waiting for Kailani to open the door so I could see her beautiful face. Nash was waiting too because he hasn't seen this girl for him yet.

Kailani opens the door and gives a warm smile.

"Hi guys. This is Natalie. Natalie, this is Hayes and Nash." She said awkwardly. Did I make her feel awkward? I hope not.

"Wow, you're gorgeous." Nash said in awe while looking at Natalie.

"You don't look bad yourself nash." she said giggling "Well since I'm driving, lets go." she finally said after her and Nash had a staring session.

I climbed in the back with Kailani so we could be on our way. We made small conversation, nothing big. And then that's when she asked.

*Your POV*

Hayes and I were making small talk when I popped the question.

"Can I have your number?" I said instantly regretting it

"Of course. I was gonna give it to you anyways" he said. I felt my cheeks get hot

"Oh okay! Here's my phone." I said handing him my phone to put his number in

"And here you go!" he said giving it back

"Oh and I always have people put there own name in for my contacts." I said hoping he would put something cute.

I handed him my phone again and he thought for a while then put it in.

I took my phone back and saw his contact name


Okay thenn..?

We got to Starbucks and I got my usual White Mocha Frappe with caramel drizzle. Everyone else ordered and Hayes and I went to a different table to talk without our siblings buzzing in. I was talking when my cardigan sleeve accidentally slipped up and Hayes' expression totally changed from a warm smile to tears in his eyes.

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