"We should just wait them out." Allison insisted, crossing her arms and furrowing her brow.

"We don't have time to sit around all day. We have things to do, places to go." Sasha replied.

Sasha and Allison have been bickering for almost ten minutes now. Sasha wanted to go down and meet them, while Allison thought it was a set up. Rick, Tyreese and I had been crouching here with them awkwardly, not even saying a word. "We can't risk someone's life like that. It's too risky." Allison bartered.

I peered around the crate quickly, several walkers were now attracted to the panther, making them bang and rattle the car. The vehicle couldn't sit there for much longer or they'll be swarmed. I quickly turned my attention back to our discussion, even though it was idiotic to argue over such a little dispute. "We can't sit here all day Allison. They're probably just a bunch of survivors that are looking for a home." Sasha assured.

Allison rolled her eyes. "Or it could be the Governor? Huh? Trying to lure us out so he can shoot us?" Allison snapped.

"The Governor is not out in that vehicle I can promise you that much." Sasha scoffed.

"And what if he is? Then what Sasha?" Allison quickly jeered.

"Oh my god." I groaned miserably, making everyone turn their heads towards me. "This is ridiculous. Grab me some riot gear and I'll go give them a good ol' fashioned Georgia welcome." I said, giving the last part a southern accent.

"Mariah don't be ridiculous." Allison sputtered, "That's way too risky."

I rolled my eyes. "Allison, they're probably a couple of wary travellers checking us out to make sure we're safe." I assured.

Allison shook her head. "Are you guys not getting this or something? It's the end of the world. Anyone will do anything for survival now." She exaggerated.

"Rick," I said cutting her off. "What do you think we should do?" I asked, looking to him for leadership.

Rick opened his mouth to say something but stopped when we heard a car door slam shut. We peered around the crate to see a tall brunette slide out of the passenger seat and smash a knife through a walker. She effectively and efficiently disposed of the walkers around the panther before tucking her knife away and turning to face our direction. "Are you going to open the gates or what?" She yelled from across the field.

"Wow they look diabolical." I gasped, putting the palms of my hands onto my cheeks. The women quickly hopped back into her car and Allison stuck her tongue out at me.

"Sasha, Mariah go open the main gates. Tyreese and Allison head into the court yard, keep your guns loaded. We don't know if they're friendly." Rick ordered quickly.

Sasha and I took off down towards our 'new gates'. I don't even know where they came from or how they got up there. All I know is that Daryl and I came back from a run and bam they were set up, along with several obstacles made to skewer walkers.

Sasha and I quickly opened the gates and the silver panther rolled through. It bumped along the dirt pathway all the way up to the courtyard where Rick slid the smaller gate open for them and they drove through. We sprinted back up to the top and caught our breath while the people stepped out of their car.

I watched the brunette women carefully, something about her was unique. She was about my age if not younger and had dark brown hair pulled into a messy braid that fell half way down her back and beautiful blue-green eyes. A grey tank top, cargo pants and black boots similar to my combat boots were her choice of attire. She almost looked like she was a cop, or was an army vet with her interesting fashion statement. Then from the driver's seat a tall, lean man climbed out and walked around to stand beside her. He had light brown hair, blue-grey eyes and wore a similar kind of outfit except he had a black t-shirt instead of a tank top.

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