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As we were in the room, many workers were not paying attention to us. I stood between Carl and Daryl. A man approached us and said we're welcome there and we look like we've been on the road for quite a while. "We have." Rick said. The stranger asked a man to help lead us to the garden but first, we had to lay down our weapons. I was staring ahead at the stranger and Carl and Daryl checked with Rick. Rick nodded and we all started to lay our weapons down. They were patting us down and said it was only standard procedure. The man was feeling me down and as he made it to my leg he touched my inner thigh and I shoved him onto his butt. The stranger watched then put he hands out towards me. "Easy. Easy." He said. Daryl looked to me. I stood normally.

The man got to his feet and patted down Daryl then Michonne. The stranger told us a bit more about Terminus. The man gave Michonne her sword back and was going to pick up Daryl's crossbow but Daryl bent down quick and picked it up. The man picked up my mini crossbow and I took it from him while looking at him from the bottom of my eyes and watched him with a glare as he walked to Carl. He gave Carl his gun back and Rick, his. Rick holstered his gun and we were lead out of the printing room by the man. He lead us to a gardening and feeding area. I looked around at the other people. One of them had a prison guard's armored outfit on. And a woman had Daryl's poncho on her.

I looked to Daryl and he was looking around a bit too. The man gave Carl food and Michonne food. I looked to Rick and he looked like he knew this place was not safe. As the man walked to him he slapped the plate out of the man's hand and held him hostage with a pocket watch in his other hand. I knew that pocket watch. That watch was Rick's. We all were aiming out weapons but so were the people in the gardening and food area. "Easy now. What is you want?" The stranger asked as he had approached us. "This watch. Where'd you get it?" Rick asked the man. "I found it on a dead body. I thought they'd probably never need it." He said. "And that guard outfit? The poncho?" Rick asked. "We found the poncho off a clothes line." The stranger answered. That was a lie. Daryl went on a run with Maggie with that on. I saw a sniper on the roof and so did Daryl. Daryl commanded the man to tell the sniper to lower his weapon. The stranger did so and we had a small dispute. After being shot at we began to run for it. The sniper was shooting at our feet and they lured us through rooms. I noticed each room said A.

We came out of a place and I heard people calling out for help. I looked to see two seacans stacked. They were keeping people in seacans! We were chased away from them and through another room and out into the open where they had people with guns on the other side of the fence aiming at us. And two snipers were aiming at us. We were trapped. And exactly where they wanted us. "Lay down your weapons." The stranger said. We had no choice. We lied our weapons down after Rick did. "Now you do as we say or the kid gets killed." The stranger said. "Ring leader. Go to the train car." He said. Rick slowly turned and was heading to the train car. "I'm not going in without him." He said. "You'll do as we say or the kid gets killed!" The stranger said. He walked to the train car and stood by the steps in. "Archer, you go now." He told Daryl. Daryl turned and started walking to Rick. "Mini Archer, you follow. And all stand in a line!" He commanded. I followed Daryl. "Samurai, you go now." He said. Michonne followed me and we all stood in a line facing the car. Looking to Carl. "You go now kid." He said. Carl started walking to us and I was hoping he wouldn't get shot as he was coming. "Ring leader! Open the door and go in!" The stranger commanded.

Rick walked up and opened the door. "Now all of you go inside!" He said. Rick, Daryl, myself, Michonne and Carl all filed in and the door was closed and locked. A man walked away. I looked to my right and saw Glenn, Maggie and others. I got elated and they looked a bit sad. I walked to Maggie and held her. She held me tight. "I'm so glad to see you're still alive." She said to me. "Same to you girl. Same to you." I said. I hugged Glenn too. "Glad to see you." He said. They introduced the people they were with as a good group. I went back to stand in front of Daryl. I felt his hand slip onto the front of my hip, giving me a feeling of protection from him. Rick was looking through a slot. "They're going to feel pretty stupid when they find out." Rick said. "When they find out what?" The curly redheaded man asked him. "That they screwed with the wrong people." Rick answered. I knew Rick had something up his sleeve. And we've made it this far fighting. Nothing can stop us.

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