Part 25

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(Riley POV)

I finished the twitcam and by the look on Demis face she was shocked. "Whatsup baby?" I said and she smiled. "You make me really happy Riley.." She whispered and kinda teared up? "Awh dont cry baby!" I said and pulled her in my lap. I kissed her head and she cried "Th-these are happy tears.." She cried and i rubbed her back. "I know my love.." I whispered and kissed her head again. "Hey you told me how much you love dolphins right?" I said and her eyes lit up and a big smile appeard on her face "Yes!!" She screamed and i smiled. I kissed her softly and stood up. I helped her up and whispered "I want you to put on your sexy bikini and take some clothes and a towell with you." She shivered and i slapped her ass.

I walked away with a smile on my face. Demi allways loved dolphins. Its so cute to see it. I got upstairs and grabbed my things. Just as i said Demi to bring sexy bikini i do the same. I make her fall in love with me all over again. After a little thirty minutes we are both done and go outside. "All done sexy?" I said and intwined our hands. "Yes baby.." She said hugging me sideways and kissing my lips. We went stepped in the limo that came for us and Demi grabbed my hand tight. "You nervous shorty?" I said remembering the time i used to call her shorty because i thought it was a sexy nickname. "Yes.. And wow you actually called me shorty again?" She said with a giggle but still nervous though. I lifted her chin so she would look in my eyes. I kissed her passionate and we stayed like that for a long time.

"I love you." She said and i smiled. "Love you too crazy." I said and the car stopped. It wasnt that far from our beach house though. We stepped out and walked to the little pool outside. There was this guy who probably was our 'teacher' or something. "Hey girls!" He said shooking our hands. Demi was all excited because her smile was from ear to ear. "Im your teacher for the swimlesson. For the dolphins ofcourse!" He said and Demi hugged me tighter. He signalled us to cone to this little beach house. "You can change yourself here and i will see you guys!" He said and closed the door. We both grabbed our bikini and changed in it. "You look holla sexy girl.." I said and grabbed her ass. She jumped a little and we laughed "Says you!" She said putting her arms around my neck. I putted my arms around her waist.

I kissed her and she smiled into the kiss. "Now lets go swim.. And that teacher is gay so no worries." I said winking and she laughed "I allready thought so babe!" She said and smiled. We walked outside to the man and he greeted us again. We waved and he smiled. "So today you guys are going to swim with dolphins." He said and we followed him. He blows his whistle (ya nasty pervs) and the dolphins came swimming and jumped on the edge. It was so cute. Demi face lit up in seconds and i side hugged her. He told us to sit on the edge off the little pool and the dolphins would come swim to us. The dolphins came and we took all pictures. Demi was enjoyed it. She had the biggest smile on her face and it made my heart flutter. She is so perfect. Im getting all caught up in the moments with her. I stood up and helped her up.

I grabbed two towels and gave one to her. She wrapped herself in the towel and i hugged her. "You still smell good baby.." I whispered in her ear and she kissed my collarbone. Slowly going up kissing my neck and totally leaving a hickey. "Why do you allways make hickeys!" I said laughing and she came to my ear. "Because people need to know youre mine.." She whispered and i got shivers all over my body. "So im yours." I said smiling. She looked up and kissed my jawline. "Duh." She said smiling and kissing my lips and licking them. I gave her what she wanted and we kissed with tongue. "Youre the best kisser i know." She said and pecked my lips again. "Hmm.. You sure." I said kissing her again. "Yes my lady." She said and kissed my chin. "You know where im thinking about?" She said and i looked at her. "Well?" I said.

"That i want to marry you.." She said and layed her head on my shoulder. "You really want to marry with some crazy chick?" I said laughing and she looked up. "Youre more than crazy baby." She said and kisses me passionate. "I want to marry a short girl.. With kissable lips, sexy curves, the prettiest smile, sexy tattoos and a big heart.." I said hugging her. "Sounds like someone i know." She said teasing me. "Yeah i know!" I said playing her game "What is her name?" She said and looked me in the eyes. "It begins with the D and ends with Emi." I said and she was thinking. "I might know it." She says and i smiled. "You do?" I said and she nodded. "Yes.." She said and i smiled. "Who." I said and she looked up. "Its better if i show you." She said kissing me and grabbing my hand. We littarly ran to the limo..

We teased eachother in the car and without Max noticing though. After a good hour we finally were at the beach house. Max drove off while i picked Demi up. I slowly walked up to the door not breaking the kiss. When i opened the door i walked to the light switch and turned the light on "SURPRISE!!" People scream. I dropped Demi and we gasped. "Jesus christ we didnt knew that you two were going to.." Dallas said while smirking and trying to make things even more awkward. "Oh shut up Dallas!" I said laughing picking up Demi. "HONEY YOUR NECKLACE!" My mom screamed and ran up to Demi. She touched it while Maddie came running up to me. As in she needed help? I looked at her questioning why she was like this. She shrugged it off and hugged Demi.

"So only you three?" I said and looked around. Trying to figure out if they were actually with the three off them. "Eh yes!" Dallas said. I walked to the couch and sat down. "When did you guys cane?" Demi asked and sat on my lap. "Well a couple hours ago." Mom said and we nodded. "So not that i dont want you guys here but what are you doing here?" I said. And actually yes i wanted them to leave because off our moment we were about to have. "Stacey here wanted to see the neklace!" Dallas said and smirked at me. "No we missed you guys so so so much!" Maddie said and it made me smile big. "And by the way, Shelley and John are gone forever.." Dallas said while mom smiled at that. "Well it was about time!" Demi said raising her voice a little. I laughed at her , raised her chin and kissed her lips softly. She smiled.

"But why?" I said and they said down. "Because mr John has a wife and the Shelley chick isnt even his child.." Dallas said in disgust. "What a dick!" I said and they giggled. "Did you allready planned to come back?" Maddie said blushing and i looked at her in 'awe'. Demi looked down because i knew she didnt want to go. I layed her back on my chest and kissed her head. "Well we are here for a couple days and yeah.. I dont know how long this princess wants to stay." I said looking at Demi. "We understand!" Mom said and i smiled. "So! You guys want some food or drinks?" I said jumping up causing Demi to fall down. We all laughed hard and Demi fake cried. I helped her up and layed her down. I got to the kitchen followed by Maddie. "Hey baby." I said and hugged her side. "Hi Rile.." She said looking down.

"Hey whatsup?" I said and stopped what is was doing. "Bea and i.." She said having the urge to cry hard. "Awh come here baby!" I said and pulled her into a tight hug. "Its gonna be okay baby girl." I said rubbing her back. I just have this impact on kids when i touch their back they are quiet. I am good with hands. And fingers (😏😏). "She kissed another girl.." She whispered and my anger built up in my body. "Come again?!" I said and she looked up. "Dont do any-anything please!" She cried and i rubbed her back again. "Its okay! I will fix this okay?" I said and she just nodded. She walked back and everyone asked what happened but she just shook her head no. I went to the fridge and made some food. The day went fast because its allready evening. I hummed one off Demi's songs and she later walked in.

"Smells good sexy." She whispered kissing my neck while wrapping her arms around my waist. "Just like you." I said and she probably blushed. "Do you know whats going on with Maddie and Bea?" She said and i lowered the gas from the food. I turned around and grabbed her hands. "Maddie told me that Bea kissed another girl.. I dont know what exactly happened but in going to slap her." I said getting a little mad. "Hey its okay baby girl." She said rubbing my arms and kissing my lips softly. She makes me feel so save GOD! "You allways make those situations alot more cooler." I said and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "I do?" She said smirking and i kissed her with so much passion. Damn this girl is going to be the death off me. I remembered the food. "FUCK!" I said and turned to the food. I shut down the gas and it wasnt burned.

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