Chapter 18

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~Cameron's POV~

I woke up with Ryan in my arms. It took me a moment to remember what happened last night. We stayed up talking all night. We talked about school and Derek and my sister. Then when I asked what happened to her and why she was crying she stoped talking. She froze up and I tried and tried to break the ice.

She started to move around and she squeezed my side like she always do when she wakes up in the mornings. She rubbed her eyes then opened them.

"Hi" I whispered and kissed her forehead.

"Good morning." she looked at me then jolted up. "Wait what. When did I get here? Why am I here? ouch my face" she touched her face pushing and grimacing everytime she did.

~Ryan's POV~

I pushed my face and it hurt. What happened last night? Why was I with Cameron and not Derek? So many things were running through my head then I remembered the night before. My dad hitting me in the face and then driving over to his house.

I needed to tell him what happened, to explain why I came over in such a mess and why I was crying so much.

"Are you ok?" He reached up and touched my face. "What happened to your face?"

"Ouch that hurts." I touched his hand on my face and held it there. I looked into his chocolate eyes trying to tell him. It was on the tip of my tounge. It was there and I couldn't say what had happened and it made me upset again.

"Don't cry. shh shh." he pulled me into him. I cried into his chest.

"I-i-i have to tell you something..."

"You don't have to tell me anything until you really truely want to." This is why I still love him.

"It's my my my dad.'' I gathered my thoughts and sat back up so I could look into his eyes."He he... He hit me and said that I am the reason that my mom died." I cried even harder after I said that.

"It's NOT your fault that your mom died. Its not your fault. Its not your fault." He ran his hand though my hair and comforting me. I sat back up looking at him and then colided our lips together.

~Cameron's POV~

I was surprised when our lips touched. I missed how soft her lips felt and the way that they moved in sync with mine. I pulled back so I could tell her something.

"Let's get you away from here. You can't stay here with everything going on with your dad and everything." I watched her face light up.

"Thank you so much." She hugged me whiched made me fall on my back. Then our lips were together again.

After about an hour of cudling and kissing and talking we decided to get ready to leave. I didn't want her to go back to that house with her father so I offered to go and grab some things that she really truely needed. The others we would buy.

I walked up to the door and opened it. The placed smelled like alcohol and it was a mess. There was a glass everywhere. I looked over in the kitchen and there was her father leaned over on the counter passed out. I headed into Ryan's room and grabbed her phone laptop and her chargers. As I walked down the hallway her father stood at the other end.

"Where is my daughter?" He stood there with a bottle of wisky in his hands.

"Some where you can't hurt her anymore." A tear started to run down his face.

"I didn't mean to hurt her!" he threw the bottle on the ground.

"I have to go." I started to walk to the door when he stood in my way.

"You are not going anywhere until you tell me where Ryan is."

"You are not going to get anything out of me." He stepped forward to where I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He pushed me into the wall.

"Tell me where she is!!" I pushed him out of the way when I felt a bolt of pain in my face. There was blood coming from my lip. He punched me. I fought back and kicked him in the balls and punched him in the stomach when he leaned over. I pushed him back, grabbed what I came back for and ran for my truck.

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