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Story he's from: Doesn't really have one but he's one of my MANY muses. XP

Name: ???

Nickname(given to himself): Prometheus, Achilles

Age: ??? (looks early twenties)

Gender: Male

What his job is: To bring people in and out of life.

Sexuality: As long as he gets to ram into someone, he doesn't care... =_="""

Appearance: Has golden blond hair that is tied back into a small ponytail. He wears glasses that cover his yellow-green eyes. He wears a white button up shirt with a dark blue vest and a black, lazy bow. His expressions consist of a straight face and (if you are lucky) a smirk. And he's VERY attractive! It's not even fair! >~<

Personality: He's cocky, lazy, conceited, and easily amused by human reactions. Sees himself as a god since he can bring people in AND out of existence. He always mocks the weak and tries to make people feel bad about themselves since he thinks that 'those type of people' are stupid pigs that don't deserve to live. He's also very childish when he wants to be.

Likes: Shotas (xD ), blood, teasing people, picking on the weak, defying authority, and sexually harassing people.

Dislikes: Chocolate(gives him the feeling of love), people who are his size(he doesn't pick on his own size :P), when people talk to him, and when people do things not according to his plan.

What he eats/drinks: Blood(needs this) and regular food(only when he craves for it),

Weapon: doesn't like fighting but.... He is like a god, so basically anything he can get his hands on... But he usually uses a scythe. :P

Abilities: To change/alter a persons emotions(comes in handy when he 'attacking' people xP) and appearances, even his own. He can move faster than the speed of light and is REALLY strong. He can also hypnotize/mesmerize someone to do his command and can give a person the feeling of pleasure with just one touch. He can kill you just by wanting you to die (o~e).

Weakness: Feeling strong emotion and using too much of his power. If he doesn't drink blood at least once a month or drinks when he needs it, he starts to have trouble breathing and eventually chokes. And cute girls/shotas.

Friendliness on a scale of 1-10: 2 (if you are cute, it's an 8)

When it comes to romance: He bites you to show his affection. He would start to undress you when he wants you, even in public. He can be shy at times but that RARELY happens(only occurs with cute people/shotas xD ). He'll also want to dress you in cute outfits when he finds one.

Funny things about him: He has a lot of internal nosebleeds. Looks adorable and chibified when asleep. He only eats the plain side of the treat, Pocky, and throws away the chocolate part of it.


I think that's it... Ask any questions and I'll have him answer them for you. <x)

Prometheus:*folds arms* Make. Me....

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