Face The Problems

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Tatiana says"Michael how do I say this but I know you and Tiffany are together and well same thing with me and Tray." Michael says "HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU. LIKE TATIANA YOUR MY FUCKIN WIFE AND TRAY YOUR MY FUCKIN BROTHER." "YOU CANT SAY SHIT MICHAEL BESIDES YOU FUCKIN CHEATED ON ME SO MANY FUCKIN TIMES WITH MY SLUT ASS SISTER." "WHO THE FUCK YOU CALLIN A SLUT BITCH DONT HATE THAT YOUR MAN WANT THIS INSTEAD OF THAT." "This she ain't a that she is a fine, sexy, beautiful woman and I love her." said Tray. Than Michael got up and punched Tray and they started to fight. Chairs were thron and blood drops were everywhere. "STOP PLEASE I BEG PLEASE!!!!" Shouted Tatiana and Tiffany at the exact same time. Than Tiffany and Tatiana broke up the fight. Tatiana said "Michael Fuck this I can't do this so I'm getting a divorce with you and you can marry Tiffany and I'll marry Tray ok because I can't stand a day with your Cheating, Ugly, Bitch Fuckin, Pussy licking self gosh so is it a yes or a no." "Fine besides I never even loved you." Than Tatiana took a pot and smashed it against his face. Than she punch him in the Dick than said to him "Thank now I can fuck your brother who has a longer Dick that you and I know it because I licked it, sucked it, and it was in my pussy.

Tatiana took Michaels stuff and through them outside including his wine and his phone and charger. Than she said "Bye cheating asshole and sluty bitch sister."

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