Unseen part 3

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Part 3

When I woke up this morning I decide to get up and got to Starbucks, to make a surprise entrance just to see who texted me.

I get up and showered, the warm water hit my back and it was the most relaxing time of the day. I finished and put on my black shorts and a white tank top, topped with a jean jacket and black converse. I pulled out a small little black purse and stuffed my phone, wallet and sunglasses.

I took my black Penny board out of my wardrobe and head downstairs, "Mom, I'm going out" I shouted and got out of the house.

I skated all the way to Starbucks, 9:02 am, my watch tells me, great, 2 mins late. I walk in to order and I notice a couple of similar laughs, I looked around and finally spotted Ashton, with three of his other friends; Calum, Luke and Michael next to the entrance, luckily there was a plant to cover me from them. I tried to get a view of what they're laughing at, tumblr, I kept my head down so they wouldn't notice me, then I relies that it could be them who texted me... Great, just great.

I walked over to the counter to order, "One caramel frappuccino please" I handed her the money and waited for my drink trying to not be noticed my the four boys.

I tried to look for a table and finally I found one, oh great, it's next to the boys table, I walked over keeping my head down and sat down on the chair, I took out my phone and looked at the text over and over again.

I decided to text the number

"Hey, just wondering how did you get my number?"

I looked around to see if anyone is on their phone and I saw Ashton pulling his phone out, "Guys got a message" he said, the other three looking at him "is it from the stiff?" Calum asked, that's it! It was them, they some how got my number and I honestly don't know why they want to meet with me.

INCOMING MESSAGE. My phone buzzed...

"From a friend, still don't wanna come for coffee huh?" he texted

"Sorry busy." I texted back and stood up preparing to leave.

As I reached for the door, I heard Ashton called out "Hey stiff!" I turned around and looked at the boys, and nodded, " I thought you were to busy for coffee," he said,

"Come, sit with us stiff" Calum patted on the empty chair next to him

"Sorry gotta go," I shrugged and headed out, I quickly finished my drink and threw it in the bin and get on my board.

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