Kalin and Myles Fanfiction

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Chapter 16 ; " Hailey what wrong? " kalin asked curiously.

" Everyone hates me... " She said looking down.

" what did you do this time? " I asked rolling my eyes.

" Ever since I broke up with Jake , my friends have started to not like me... Yesterday I had an argument with him and he told my friends the type of person I could be , he made them all turn against me. and now I'm not with Jake it's like they don't want to know me because I'm not cool enough for them " she said tears in her eyes.

" you deserve.." I was stopped by kalin who shook his head at me.

" Please , I know I've caused so much drama between you two but ... " Hailey walked closer to is , as grabbed me arm and tugged on it lightly.

" I need friends , please will you be my friends? I can't take it! I need someone " she said desperately.

" You? The person who caused all the drama and upset my life? I think I'm better with you out of my life , thanks. you can't come crying to us just because you have no one else, you're not using me Hailey " i glared at her.

Kalin ignored my comment , he's too kid and loving.

" I forgive you , Hailey. C'mon ally , isn't that an even better reason to befriend her? Friends are the people you can trust. Maybe we should give her a chance " kalin said , and she grinned brightly.

" Thank you so much! "

She must have assumed that's if she's friends with kalin , he's friend with me too.

But could it really be that bad to have another friend on my side? Wait , this is Hailey we're talking about.

" Well , kalin and I were just going to my house to watch movies and stuff so well see you.."

" Great! I'll bring the popcorn! "

" I meant just kalin and I " I protested against her.

" It'll be fun! and kalin is so good , he's like the perfect boyfriend , any girl is lucky to have you! " Hailey smiled sweetly.

" Yes , I am lucky " I made the word ' I ' louder than the rest.

" Thanks? " kalin replied uncertainly.

" So let's go to your house! I love horror movies! " Hailey said.

" Yeah? well I hate them. so go watch them at your house " I growled at her.

I dost appreciate her company. And I didn't want her to follow us around like a puppy. But I knew that she would. she had no one else. I didn't enjoy her presence , maybe if I could get her back with Jake she wouldn't want to hang around with us anymore.

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