The Preparation

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    Nicole's POV

Toot! Toot! Toot!-urgh! What’s that? Ohh,it’s my phone

Txt Message From :Couz_Christian

 Hi! Couz! We’er on our way-what? The’re coming already? I check the time and it was already 8am

My cousin and her sister is coming with us in our vacation and ‘cause they live in a different place they have to come here early.

Okay, couz! I replied to his txt message

Then I Take a bath,brush my teet,and do other things,

And it was 11:30 whe my cousin Christian and her sister Mika arrived

  Christian’s POV.

       Mika let’s go!

   Yes, 5mns.!

Okay!-we’re on our way to cathy’s house for our summer vacation we had to go early ‘cause from our place to their house is about 3hrs.trip so it’s better to be early

Our parents our not coming with us ‘cause they’re busy with their work

Then we get in the car to go to cathy’s house

Uhmm? What’s that smell –I think it’s food? We just arrived from our trip

Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Oh,,! Christian! Mika you’re here! Come In-cathy’s mother

Cathy! The’re here-then I saw cathy walking downstairs

Hey! Guiz! You’re here!

Yeah, we’re here and we’re so tired with then 3hrs trip

Nuh! It’s fine ‘cause we’re going to korea tomorrow-doing her happy dance

Then I just laught at her

Cathy’s POV

 Oh.the’re here

And I I started a conversation with my cousins.

-The night before the flight-

Txt message to:Dian

      Dian, are you ready?

We’re just going to pick you up tomorrow

Dian Replied

  Yeah, I’m Ready

Good night!

Yeah,good night I replied

I’m in my room right now packing my dress

And I’m going to bring this cute small teddybear with me, I named it Kimchi, Kimchi as a name is very cute  for me, it's not the food kimchi it's my toy kimchi!  I better sleep right now 'cause I need to gain energy.


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