She on hea waaay

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Heavens Pov ...

"What was your dream about?" I asked Meech when we were alone. "That we kissed and it was good and yeah" he said biting his lip.

" Oh haha. Was I on my death bed?" I joke. He nods,"Holy shit" I say with a chuckle. Everybody is making sure I stay in the house.

"If you want to try we can. Unless your with Asiah" I say. But I am with Dario.

He kisses my lips and I kiss back. My hands around his neck, his hands on my hips . I bite his lip for an entrance and I slip my toung in his mouth.

I laid back in his bed, I wrap my legs around his waist. He begans to kiss down my neck. I slightly moan.

I hear the front door open and we break apart and I stand up. He opens the door."So ill get you what you need from the store" he says, it takes me a minute to catch on.

"Right Twizzlers, gushers, carmel and salty ice cream, and an Arizona." I say because that's really what I was craving.

I go to an on line school now and they told me to keep Lala, the card and the car. Im 15 years old with a 2 year old trying to balance school.

My 16th birthday is coming up and I can not wait. But ion think imma do anything.

"Right. Asiah hey how's my daughter?" he asks walking down the stairs.

"Good tired but good." she smiles , she sees me and hugs the life out of me."Don't tell me you had a dream I was in my death bed to?" I ask her.

She nodded and continues to hug me. Lala walks in the room and " Mommy... mommyy" she cries out. I pick her up.

"Heey mommys baby" I say and kiss her. She giggles and kisses back."Mwaauh" she says blowing kisses.

"I can't leave the house this shit sucks like crazy wheres Dario?" I ask she looks around nervously.

"Can I tell you something and you won't get mad?" she asks. I nod softly.

"I fucked Dario. It was just a one time thing please don't be mad" she says. My fist clench open and closed. I mean I just made it with Meech.

"When?" I asked."Yesterday. Im sorry I got caught in the moment I should've stopped him" She says. I nod my head.

"Why don't you go play with Onna" I say putting her down."Otay" then walkes away."Your mad aren't you?" she asks. "Would you let me fvck Meech?" I asked her."We aren't together so it doesn't matter" she says.

"I wouldn't do that but we did kiss" I admit. She nods her head then Dario walks in. "Hey babe. im so glade to see you" he hugs me and when he tries to kiss me I shrug him off.

I smile and walk away. Trust and believe you guys entered a game you don't wanna play with me. "Are you guys like a thing now?" I ask, Dario looked lost as hell.

"Ion know what you're talking about but Daniel you ain't gotta worry bout anyone harming you cause he's gone" Dario says. Good looks is what I wanted to say.

"Sooo when can I go back to Florida?" I ask them. They look at me cross eyed."Why do you wanna go back there" Dario asked.

"I mean nobody cheats on me there. And the friends are real as hell"  I say eating my ice cream. "What is she talking about?" Dario asks.

"We had sex remember? Yesterday." she says slowly."We did not!" he says completley atraight faced.

"Well whatever. I don't care . Don't let it happen again" I say."When do you have your baby?" I asked her.

"Any moment. We have the name andv every thing." she says, I smile. I wipe some tears. I would be 6-7 months right now.

"Aww. Don't cry baby!" Dario says rubbing my back. I snack his hand away."What is your problem?" he asks. I shake my head, "I wanna go on a walk" I say wiping my eyes.

"Just let her go" Asiah says as I exit the house. I go straight to Zays house. The only person I can talk to.

"What do you want" he asked. I just hugged him and cried. Some thing I haven't done in a while.

He held me something Dario never did."You gonna tell me why your crying?" he asked. "I lost the baby. It's his fault I'm trying not to blame him but if he wouldn't have hit me I would be 6-7 months." I cried into his chest.

"Don't blame anybody. Its ok, you can have more kids you were to younge any way" he says, I giggle and wipe fallin tears.

I kiss his cheek and thank him. I walked back to my house. No body was home.

I got like 6 missed calls, 12 texts.

From PhattieWiddAPhattie

Im having the baby.


The baby is on her waaaaaay!

Cheating ahh muthaa fuhckaas.

Here yall go lol

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