The Before

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I never loved anyone except my sister, she just radiated innocence. Even if she knew more than a normal 7 year old should know she still had the innocent aura. Her name is Liliane, which means innocent.

My name is Donelle, it means world leader. I never thought I was much of a leader, In school I was never a team captain or such. Sports, academics, clubs I never even close to being the leader.

My mother's name was Abigail, it means submissive servant, which suits her. My father basically controlled her, she was a house wife and she looked like it also. She had the whole maid dress and everything.

This is one of the reasons why I only love my sister, my father was to controlling and my mother always followed him like a lost puppy. I always did what my father said to also. Though it's not like I can do anything myself anyway, I'm only 14.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so everyone in America is out and about getting last minute turkeys or corn, or something like that. My father told my mother to take my sister and I to the store for something he wanted. Mother agreed as always and we walked outside to catch a taxi.

It's always horrible to live in New York City around the holidays. Anywhere you go is a thousand times more crowded. I whistled loudly getting a cabbies' attention, signally towards me. The cabbie drove the taxi over to the curb quickly as I ran to the back and slid in to save the car. Mother walked swift fully to the taxi and glided in with Liliane in tow.

The roads were crammed with all kinds of vehicles as usual. It would take at least an hour to get to the store, but at least it's faster than walking. I settled back into the the ripped seat and closed my eyes.

It must have been about half an hour when I heard it. The sirens sliced through air as I peered through the window of the dirty taxi window. There right above the road of cars were hundreds, no thousands of fighter jets. What was the most alarming part was that they didn't have the American look to them, they had to be from some other country. I was never really good at identifying things from other countries so I looked over to my mother who had excelled at that in school.

"Germany" she choked out when she saw my confused face. I pushed her and my sister out of the taxi. The sounds of sirens seemed to have magnified as we stumbled out of the car. My mother stared at the sky in shock, I figured she wasn't going to be going any where soon so I grabbed Liliane's hand and dragged her to the nearest building keeping my head down and pushing hers down with my other hand. Liliane was smart for her age she knew not to ask any questions and to follow my lead. I joined the mass of people headed towards the same building as we were. I was afraid Liliane would get lost in a catastrophe such as this so I picked her up. I heard questions flying around like,"Whats going on?" or "Are we under attack?" or "I'm to pretty die!" The last one was from a short woman in a designer coat with her face caked in make-up. I rolled my eyes at her and pushed my way to the front. When the doors came into view I stumbled a bit because of carrying Liliane for so long. I saw a man walk out the front door with a bull horn and I prepared my ears to be blasted with noise.

"Attention everyone!"his voice sounded through the street. "Anyone over the age of 16 is to let any children pass through these doors before anyone else, if you are caught inside over this age you will be thrown out!" The people who seemed to respect this parted to the sides letting their children go through. Many sobs were heard throughout the crowd as children said good bye to their parents. Then there were those select few who thought they were so special and tried to waltz right through the doors. Security guards pushed them back into the crows while they screamed they were models or famous and should be let in. A woman to the left of me was holding a small child. The boy couldn't have been over the age of two and he wouldn't let go of who I would assume was his mother.

"Please take him!" she begged me."A I want is for him to be safe!" I put Liliane down and told her to hold onto my shirt. The woman handed me her child as he kicked and screamed that he didn't want to go. Liliane and I rushed to the doors with the boy in my arms. When we got there the guard asked me how old we were. I quickly answered saying,"14, 7, and I'm guessing 2?" He nodded and let us through only to stop the next boy who stood carrying two little girls and one small boy around his leg. "Ages?" the guard asked. "Umm" he stuttered. "15, 3, 3, and,8" The guard once again nodded and let then pass. Inside there were many adults telling all the kids where to go.

"You two" a man yelled pointing at me and the boy that had been right behind me with the little boy and two girls. "Over here" he yelled. The boy walked in front of me, struggling a bit with the the kids over his body. I followed him through the all the people struggling a bit with the kids I had also. The man shoved us into a room that turned out to be pretty small. "Stay here until you are told otherwise!" With that he turned on the light and closed the door. There wasn't a lot of space in the room, even though we were the only people in it. The little boy that I had been carrying had finally stop crying so I decided to talk to him. "Hi little guy" I said to him. He looked up at me and sniffed. "What's your name?" I asked him.

"Timothy" he said in a baby voice. "Hi Timothy, my name is Donelle, and that's Liliane." He smiled a little at us and turned to the boy with the Two girls and a boy. "Who are they?" he asked in his adorable voice. "I'm Alex" the boy said in a baritone voice." That's Alice" he said pointing at the girl in pink. "That's Ally" he said pointing at the girl in yellow. "And that's Thomas" he concluded while gesturing towards the boy. After he said that the silence returned. I didn't want to be the awkward one who broke it so I stayed quiet.

A little while later Timothy spoke up,"Im hungry" he whined softly. I looked down at him and gave him a small smile. "We'll get you food as soon as we can." I told him. And the silence returned. Time seemed to take forever to pass, eventually the kids started to yawn. I looked at Alex,"Maybe we should all go to sleep" I suggested. "Ok" he said. "But one of us should stay up incase someone comes here." I nodded in agreement. "I'll stay up first." I told him. He just nodded and everyone laid down except myself. Timothy and Liliane went on either side of me and Ally, Thomas, and Alice curled up near Alex. Soon light snores filled the room letting me know that everyone was asleep after the long day. We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow would bring.

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