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I say goodbye to Shun and Camile as they leave from our Movie.

Oh by the way it had a happy ending to anyone who was wondering. NEMO WAS SAVED!!

I head up to my room to catch up on packing. I go to the closet and pull out a box and started stuffing some of my random crap in.

Piggy bank

Baseball caps



So i am kind of like a guy. I LOVE SPORTS. Not afraid to get down and dirty. I do not know correct posture, trust me they tried to teach me but I love to slouch. Its more comfortable.


So I finished packing all my stuff except some clothes to wear on the flight the next day.

"Mom! I finished my packing What do I do now?" I asked bored.

"I don't know just do something i guess!" she yelled back.

Ugh.... Ooo I know.

I log onto Skype and see that Shun was on. I click on the call button to see his face appear on the screen.

"Hey, Shuuuunnnnn!" I say loudly making him chuckle.

"Hey Hoooneyyyyy!" he says back.

I love how me and him are great friends. People have even mistaken us as girlfriend and boyfriend but I told Them other wise. Even though I did want to be his girlfriend sooooo badly!

"I just can't believe your moving tomorrow." he says with a frown

"Me either, its like they want me to suffer."

We both laugh

"I'm gonna miss you so much" he says making me smile and blush.

"What you gonna miss about me?"

"Ha ummm lets see you. Your lame jokes...."

"What? hahahahaa"

"Hahahahaa... The way u dress tom boyish but with a hint of sassy chick. I LOVE THAT! You should start your own trend someday?!"

"You know, I should! But keep going."

"I'm gonna miss the way you laugh at everything, even when its not funny. I'm gonna miss the way your voice sounds cause its SEXY"

"It is?"

"To me.... Oh I'm gonna miss your toothy smile that makes me wanna kiss you all the time....."







Did he just say what I think he just said.

*voice in mind* yes Honey he did now back to reality GOOOO!


"Yesss. I love everything about you Honey, and I didn't know how to tell you..."

"But you wait the night before I leave?!!!"

"I wanted to tell you privately..."

"Awwww you are so sweet Shun. I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!"

I wonder how many times have I told him that.... I don't know.

"Ok so this means you want me as, ummmm, you know... your girlfriend?"

That took everything in me to say.

Ok ok ok, yes i was holding back that damn toothy smile that I HATE!

"Yes, I do."

I can't take it anymore!!!


"There it is...."

We both laugh and talk about the relationship.

I can't believe that we go out now its like a dream come true!

"But I think we should hold it off till you come back to Mississippi" he says.


I wanna scream out no, No, NO, NOOOO!! But that would have been bad so I didn't.

"Yea ummm that seems reasonable, but I wanna get some sleep for the long flight to Florida so goodnight and I love You!"

Oh God please help me.....

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