A hickey? Or nahhhh?

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"Austin..." I say breathlessly. "Stop, you're gonna leave a mark."
His mouth pauses on my neck and I can feel the smile spread across his face. He brings his head up and perk an eyebrow at me.
"I can't leave a hickey?"
I shake my head.
"You can't if I can't."
His eyes narrow but he stays in his playful mood. His hands grip the sides of my waist and he pushes me back against the wall.
"I never said you couldn't. I just said people are gonna start knowing about us. Are you ready for that?"
I feel my heart beat pick up at the thought. Can I handle our relationship going public?
I nod my head yes anyway and he smiles again. One hand leaves my side and points to a stop on the middle of his neck.
"Then I'll warn you. This is my weak spot."
I look back into his eyes and I'm sure he can tell I'm unsteady.
"Go ahead. I dare you!"

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